Massive FPS drops when selecting a hotkey with many units

It also seems the longer the game is running, the worse it is. Maybe a memory leak of some kind. Praying you guys will be able to fix it.

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Is this issue finally being addressed in the patch this week? Still waiting on a fix, as I want to play this game…

I believe it is actively being worked on, but I don’t know specifically when it will drop.

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Thank you so much for continually replying and keeping me posted about this. I really hope something can be done by spring patch for this problem.

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New patch still not fixed, so really hoping its addressed in the Spring update. Do you have any leads on what the issue could be? I have tried so many settings and configuration changes its crazy. Do you suspect it is just a hardware incompatibility or is it something else?

This still occurs after a restart too? And you’re not opening masteries or anything? Masteries currently also cause a dip in FPS that stays with you until you restart.

Try double-clicking to select a lot of buildings, the game no matter the build skips frames if they are too many.

Yes this still occurs after a restart lol. Maybe you did not read all my comments. And no it has nothing to do with the unrelated masteries memory leak, as far as I know. I never look at masteries and this problem will still be present. Typically gets a bit worse the longer the game is running, however it is always present, once there are more than 20 units on screen. If I do not select the units there is no FPS drop at all. It has nothing to do with my PC not being able to maintain the FPS, it has to do with the game engine itself having a problem.

It does not do this for everyone. It is just people with this particular problem. When I watch pros play they have none of these issues. Out of my 10 friends that also play only 2 others have this problem. Relic needs to address this and fix this problem in the Spring patch.

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Plz spring patch fix this. 5 months and counting, still unaddressed.

There are a couple of specific bugs surrounding this, and not all fixes are coming in the Spring update. But it definitely is coming! The team wants to make sure they get it right.

It is possible you may see related perf improvement after the Spring update, but if you don’t, know that more is coming.

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