Massive Haudenosaunee nerf that's not in the changelog


In the base game, the Haudenosaunee National Unity card set the cost of support-type cards to 250. In DE however, it lowers their cost by 25% instead, making it effectively give 500-3000 less gold depending on your deck, which is huge nerf to it and practically makes it sub-par and unplayable. This change was not documented in the changelog, so was the change itself an oversight, or was it just forgotten from the changelog?


Bumping this, because I have also recently been frustrated by this. On EP/RE, national unity made all the support cards cost 250c. On DE they cost 750c, which is much less useful. I’d like to see a response or see this fixed.


Not to mention that the haudenosaunee supports are very bad compared to the other 3 natives.


definitely true. that being said, haud gets (checks HC) 11 unit upgrade cards. these support cards would be much more interesting if unity was viable

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