Massive layoffs at Relic

Yes, even though the Genie engine of AoE 1 and 2 are decades old, they still feel smoother to play than AoE 4, much less compare to SC 2.
And I’m not even talk about design decisions and balance issues yet where I feel Relic completely lack the experiences, CoH is just a different game and in early days they treated SIege in AoE 4 like tanks, it took them almost a year to redesign siege units which everyone complained about since the beginning.


Im pretty sure Aoe4 is the second most played age of empires games. Has a 80-90% rating.

Its just the aoe4 haters that waste there time in aoe4 forums. Don’t even play the game, some don’t even own it and have nothing better in life to do. It took aoe2 & 3 20years to get where they are now and there still not that great.

As soon as someone makes a post anything positive for aoe4, you get all the haters putting it down.

This game isn’t aoe2, aoe3, aom, aoeo. This games aoe4 so its not going to be like someone wants it to be like another age game.

Age of empires 4 still needs lot of improvements and content to make it better, but it is still a very good rts game

Would I like aoe4 in the aoe2 or aoe3 engine. No way

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are there some haters, yes undoubtedly, but blindly fanboying smt is just as damaging, if not more so, a lot of people you describe as “haters” have been there as far back as the betas giving clear feedback on what had to be improved, its not their fault that list got so overwhelmingly long, we’re talking meeting basic RTS feature set, hence why its been taking relic so long to “mostly” implement that, mostly as its not at that point yet, stuff like pause being absent are things i won’t ignore even if i can personally play the game regardless


I think Xbox should try to catch this studios

FRONTIER. They already have a good partnership with Xbox (zoo tycoon and Jurassic world Evolution) their engine Is very very impressive for RTS

This Is their last RTS game focused on Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Some gameplay video
Developer Highlights | Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin - YouTube (from minute 1:53)

They could give a Greta hand to AOE franchise


This game trailer did impress me a lot.

The main thing here for me is the unit combat animation.
It is so fluid and well done.
Looks cool and fun!

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mmm from the ui it looks like a better version of coh 3 or what is supposed to be

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So you are suggesting :face_with_monocle::

** A UK independent developer that has come to…
** Comfortably enjoy dominance in their own market niches (space trading sim & park sim)…
** Via ownership of their own franchises and licensed IPs…
** That they self-publish…
** In addition to publishing games from other indie studios…
** To tie themselves into a long-term game-as-service contract work that can last decades…
** For Microsoft.

Seriously, we have to consider Frontier’s perspective. They’ve gone a long way from Zoo Tycoon for Xbox. In the decade since, they have worked hard to earn their current financial independence and stability. They may not necessarily want to do contract work and put themselves at the mercy of another publisher again, especially as Age of Empires has a become a long-lasting games-as-service thing.

Dawn of War is tied with AOE3 for my favorite RTS.

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Yeah, but, it didn’t.

The difference is we have far more of the former, simply by counting folks active in this topic. Appeals to extremes only work when we have extremes to appeal to, and there are very few “fanboys” blind to criticism of the game, and the roadmap to improving it. I’d be happy to do a count via PM :wink:

For a specific case in point, why is it always “Relic” when it’s the length taken to implement something, and FE / WE when it’s something they did right? You’ll find that’s based on assumptions, maybe reasonable ones, but assumptions nonetheless.

So here’s another one. If the pre-AoE IV engines were so superior, and so suited for a modern gaming platform . . . why didn’t Microsoft go with them? The assumption here is, we can assume they didn’t for valid, informed reasons. But nobody ever makes that assumption. Again, we come back to bias, fanboying, “haters”, etc. Assumptions are inherently rooted in bias, it’s pretty how much they work.

So maybe we all need a bit more introspection?

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Can you even find any of these supposed people who are “blindly fanboying”? Where are they? Cause there are definitely several of the “haters” that are quite active in the forums.

We still don’t know if their new RTS is any good, just that it looks pretty so far.

I know but they have a good track record. And this game looks graphically impressive with rtx effects (see the terrain) and very good animations.

But you are right we have to see the game firstly.

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well my example is simply showing the way management is handling things with game launches, both 3 de and 4 had launch bugs, aoe3 more so, but while management with 3 de made a call to do a number of quickfixes in short timeframe to address it (a patch just day after release, then 2 more just 1 week apart and then first regular patch in november, november quickfix then december patch, which is when things were mostly ironed out) while in case of 4 first management chose to put developer’s vacation right on release of new game (while also not making any progress since the beta a month prior), then took weeks to even give a response, with first patch fixing only xbox account syncing while doing nothing in regards to all the discovered exploits (about 4 to 5 in total), then there was effectively radio silence till the winter patch dropped ahead of intended release, and thus, filled with a bunch of bugs and failed fixes (yk the non functional post game fix), then it was solely balance patches until basically the spring update, only then was there genuine progress made and issues largely resolved, 6 months later, then it took 3 more months for things as basic as remappable hotkeys (which should’ve been the go to hotkey setup (with grid as default layout) from the get go imo but that wasn’t my choice to make) and player color picker
this isn’t a developer level issue, i can tell for a fact those guys are actually trying, this is purely mismanagement

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Sure. I’m not sure what point you’re responding to here though?

Sorry, not trying to by obtuse, but I wasn’t talking about the game’s launch.

(though blocking anyone’s holidays is likely a more difficult thing these days than it used to be, and that’s 100%, no arguments, a good thing imo - but very off topic to really do justice to)

imo gorb the statement this responds to sounded like pure fanboy level of self defense, which ig i am somewhat guilty of for 2 and 3 myself, i do my best to be constructive tho, also my last response was to give more depth to the examples my first 2 posts used

I don’t really want to pick on individual posters (partly why I said via PM, sorry for the tag Heaney), but this is literally in the same post.

Saying the game needs improvements and content, imo, is never something you’d find in the stereotype of a fanboy.

And AFAIK they’ve been no stranger to criticising the game in the past. You can’t judge based on individual posts. Takes a bunch of topics, and often more arguments :smiley:

I’m not someone who rushes to “hater” or fanboy"; these impressions take time. And I’m always open to revising an opinion. But we definitely have some folks who seemingly don’t have anything better to do than hate on the game, or the people who like it. It makes me scratch my head at times, because I can only imagine the reaction I’d get trying it myself in one of the other subforums.

that would be poking hornets nest with a stick, not smt i’d recommend doing, on the rest of the post tho, i think we’re on the same boat, please note i never called anyone a fanboy directly, even with Heaney i only described it as sounding like it, instead of directly calling him/her a fanboy/fangirl, just to clarify things a little

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(sarcasm alert)

now which boat we’re on, idk i prefer the bigger one, its mildly damaged tho


Honestly, my brain has been so eroded by the Internet, I can’t read “on a boat” without thinking of TheLonelyIsland’s video.

Song? Video? Song? I love it anyway.

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plenty of healthy boats

and yes, i’m full on shitposting rn
ig i just really like boats, regardless of the game

any boat will do, unless its already sinking, that one is no good

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Well $0 trivia quiz of the day:
But guess who has?