Masteries - Feedback to the developers


I’d like to see the following changes made to the masteries in a feature patch update:

  • Let us be able to see the progress of a mastery while in game, as certain masteries is difficult to know when they are completed.

  • Let us be able to complete any of the masteries in any order we want to open up for more choice on which bonus reward you want to get first etc.

  • Some of the masteries are difficult to understand and need better explanation on what you have to do, for example the French mastery " Thou Shalt Not Pass — Construct the Elzbach Palace and then construct 3 keeps within influence." was difficult to complete and I saw that other people also had to look it up online how to do it.

That being said the most important for me is to be able to track the progress while in game as that would just make everyone’s life more easy.


Definitely support the let us see progress in game part, not just to know when we’re finished but also because some people play random. They can’t be expected to memorize all eight of them.

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This is a good point as well, forgot to mention it myself!

Great ideas and I totally support them! Getting a pop-up while in a match telling you the mastery is complete would be great. Hell, why not being able to complete several masteries in one game? I can definitely do “beat the AI, kill X units and collect X resources via trade” in one sitting.

The “thou shalt not pass” one is bugged of course and there are several others that as you said, have a wrong or unclear description.

It’s dumb when I play skirmish against the hardest AI, that I have to go one by one completing the “easy, moderate, hard, hardest” masteries.

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Letting us complete them in any order would be great. I grinded all of the English masteries and a lot of the French ones but can’t really be bothered grinding 15 games per civ vs ai.