Masteries progression stuck

I have 5 masteries completed, and three remaining (French 11/15, Mongol 12/15, Rus 11/15).
But for some reason, I cannot progress any more.

I am sure, that there were a couple of games where the condition was reached, but it did not trigger the mastery progression. (Games were played in 3v3 multiplayer).

Can I do anything to debug/get the progression working again?

Previously, my computer had issues with OneDrive, where I had to unsync the OneDrive backup, where as I only noticed later, the files from My Games were also included. Not sure if this is relevant for the issue.

Hey @WiseConcil! Sorry you’re seeing this. The only time I think I’ve seen this behavior is if the player is offline—Masteries are online only. That said, we did see some OneDrive wonkiness during our beta tests, so this very likely could be it. I’d recommend that you contact support with your warnings.log file to see if they can do anything to help you. Good luck!