Masteries showing 0 tasks completed

All of my completed masteries have disappeared. I still have the rewards I’ve gained, but showing that I’ve completed none.


I have the same issue.

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My completed masteries also now show none completed, despite keeping the rewards already received.

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Same issue for me. After the maintenance it has all been reset. Although it looks like I still kept the things I unlocked so far.


Same here. Kept the unlocks, but everything is back on zero. Edit: Now it’s also 0/15 on everything for me as well and the challenges could be redone. But I rather turn the game off now and hope it gets fixed later.

same bug for me. mastery progress lost

I completed a few masteries for the French earlier today, and now it shows 0/15. I hope this gets fixed.

Same issue. All masteries reset to 0, still have unlocked content.

Same here. Was hoping to finish a mastery today :frowning:

same here. super annoying… was progressing well through my French Mastery progress now everything is showing 0/15 but all my unlocks are still there…

Happened to me too. Art of war reset as well, but I’ve kept the gold medals.

same hope it gets fixed soon
would like to see some more daily as well

Yep, same. Only noticed when I “completed” a mastery I knew I’d already done.

I assume this is happening for everyone. I would just like to know whether this is a permanent thing so I can start re-grinding or if it’s not permanent, I’ll just wait until it’s fixed to continue the Masteries I was further in on.

We shouldn’t have to regrind everything because their server maintenance messed things up. A full set of mastery takes so long to redo.

Of course we “shouldn’t have to” but ■■■■ happens.

I’m fine with doing it over at most once. But what’s to guarantee it won’t happen again.

I don’t see this acknowledged in the known issues page yet - hoping to hear something soon. Not sure if there’s a chance progress can be restored or if we have to restart.

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Is this also affecting the ability to earn new masteries? I’ve done the mastery Assize of Arms for the English (Produce 30 Longbowmen from the Council Hall in the Feudal Age) multiple times and just kept thinking I was doing it wrong. Just did it again and no dice.

I started playing Abbasid after progress was lost and it says I’m now 2/15. It seems like I can still gain masteries now. I’m a little scared to complete any in the event that it somehow flags you as ineligible for restoring progress.