Mastery progression is a bit wonky overall?

I came here to report that my Mongol mastery is not working poperly and saw some threads about other issues related to masteries.

For me, some masteries are not unlocking at all, others after a few days and some immediately. Is this something devs are aware of and working on? Some known workarounds?

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Hey @lambixB! Yes, we’re aware, but we appreciate the report. If there are any specific Masteries you are having problems with, could you post them below?


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By now, I could beat all for Mongols and I’m not sure, which were causing issues, except for the “Test of strength 2”, where I had to beat intermediate AI. I tried it multiple times in a row, but it didn’t unlock. Then, the other day it just worked, but I don’t know, what was different.

Maybe this can also be related to missing description of constraints, but which are required for the unlock. I had to win by landmarks for one mastery, so things like this might be also true for other mastery steps?

Progress bars would also help to communicate progress on some masteries, as it’s not clear for some, if they have to be beaten in one game.

Atm,the only thing not working is the player icon unlock for beating the mongol campaign.

But as I plan to do most of the masteries, I update this thread with issue’s I might encounter.

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Hey again. Most of the Masteries I’m doing seem to work for me now, except the “Test of Strength” ones. They keep bugging out and never showing up at the end of game screen.

Restarting the game and doing the Masteries will still not show them at the end of game screen, but they will unlock then.

Do they not unlock after you finish? The test of strength masteries never showed up in the end game screen for me, but once I left that and checked the masteries tab, they were always unlocked.

I’ve unlocked all masteries, never had troubles with Test of Strength ones.

No, I have to restart the game and do it once more. Then what you describes happens. I also made sure to wait a bit for checking against delays (some Achievements were delayed for me), but they did never show up in the masteries. I’m on game pass btw.