Match making and waiting time

Hi all,

I have to admin that I’m in a pickle these days. I love playing ranked 3v3 or 4v4 even with total strangers because I do not care too much about my elo. I care a lot about my time though, and as I do not find Arena, Black Forrest and Hideout funny at all, I would really, really like to wait as long as i have to to avoid them.

I guess that we need some flow in order to have a nice match making feature, but if I’m alone looking for 3v3 or 4v4 why can’t I just wait forever on my own until I have a Nomad game if I feel like? The alternatives are worse: Either I mess up a BF/Arena/HideOut for my team or I do alt-F4 and waste two minutes for everyone and have a ban - that also takes me out off the equation for a while.

Another alternative could be a smaller map pool: 1) Arabia/random open, 2) nomad (random kind), 3) Closed map (random bf/hideout/bf/etc.) 4) Megarandom - and allow us to ban as many categories as we wish.