Matchmaking and penalties are a broken system

I have enjoyed this series since the first Age of Empires game. I wish I could say AOE IV multiplayer is as mature as I found previous versions; but I can’t. While it takes time for games to mature, and work out the kinks, the elapsed time by which we see these problems with poor matchmaking of player skills, disconnects/sync-out, and penalty for leaving before launch (yet not right after which is worse), tells me the game designers don’t see the problem. This is a huge disappointment. Too many things vie for our time - the playing field is crowded. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for even AAA games to lose their faithful.

PLEASE fix your matchmaking. Enable players to choose RANDOM teams only - fixed teams vs random is killing the multiplayer experience.

PLEASE fix your ELO matching algorithm. People are gaming this system terribly.

PLEASE fix the sync-out issue and lack of penalties to those who show a pattern in this abuse.

FIX the penalty system for those leaving before launch yet not those who “disconnect” right after launch.

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Thank you for the feedback @JStratmann! Would you mind creating new threads and going into more detail for the two issues below specifically?

If you have any specific players in mind that you’ve encountered, let me know and I’ll escalate to CS.