Matchmaking Bug

Current Steam Game Version:
Current Steam Build
Windows 10


Matchmaking regularly sets up teams of 13/1400 players against 2000+ player teams. It seems there is a bug where the developers forgot to provide an option for players to restrict who they play against. I’m sure they weren’t so absent minded as to forget that forcing low ranked players to only play against high ranked players would kill multiplayer over time. Surely they understand that players would rather wait longer for a good match than lose 90% of matches due to bad matchmaking.

Therefore it must be a bug.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Form team of low ranked players.
  2. Try to find a ranked match.
  3. Watch as a team of 2000+ players do what skilled players do to low ranked players who should never be matched against them in a non-buggy game.



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