Matchmaking generating severely one sided games


The matchmaking range is far to wide. It is approaching just pure RNG at this point.
Just played a 3on3 quickmatch. Approx elo going by

Ally 1 had 700 elo
Ally 2 had 1000 elo
Myself having 1200 elo
Totalling the team to approx 2900 elo

Enemy 1 had 1000 elo
Enemy 2 had 1250 elo
Enemy 3 had 1650 elo
Totalling the team to approx 3900

That is a whopping 1k elo (35%) variance in elo?! What the F?
That is like paring a 1.300 ELO player to someone of 1.750 ELO?

I’m reporting it as a bug as this discrepancy is so large it can’t be a discussion.

Hey @KiezelSteentjeh. Feedback heard…I’ll make sure this gets discussed. Thanks!

One question - did you make sure it was a duplicate Name? Like if you look for “Peon” on AoE Elo you’ll find multiple players with the exact same name.

Yes that was accounted for. Although I must admit it was luck in the sense people had drugoXDXD59604 like names. Unique, yet not unreplicable chinese characters :slight_smile: