Matchmaking improvement - Choose rating range


Could we please have a matchmaking filter regarding the range, for ranked games.

Player should be able to choose a range for people you want to be matched with (-200 & +200 or -100 & +0).

Example from chess portal:

I can see this helping in team games maybe, but in 1v1s, opponents are almost always right at my Elo. You can check on, at least until the Microsoft page is working properly and you can check there, or they add it in game. The ratings are not settled yet either. You can see by comparing your ranking every time you log in and how much it’s still in flux. If I can only play 1 or two games for a day or two, my rank drops by like 100 and then I win like three-four games in a row before it levels again at a higher Elo. Team games are not leveled out at all yet.