Matchmaking improvement


Playing with friends here…

We often get matched against diamonds or conqueror players… so it takes all the fun away. We are gold/plat here. You have a team of 4 really good players so no chance to win at all (some have more than 80% win rate).

So we leave at matchmaking before the game starts… then we get a ban for 5 min then 15 min.

Wouah so cool !

Please improve matchmaking before punishing players that try to have fun in balanced game.

Thank you dev team!

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yup, games gg in lobby most of the time.

First off the team game population isn’t large and diverse enough to be consistently match with like talent. Secondly, the RANKED team means the fun is in partly alreadg taken out bc its try hard mode. I dare say if you QS your team games you won’t find these diamond conquer players there.

I agree, the issue is not only in 4vs4 but also in 2vs2.

My friend and I are around plat and we got matched against coRe and CrackedyHere (both top 10 players). Then the a few games later we got put in a lobby with neptune and loueMT (also tio 10 players), so we surrendered directly after the game started.

Other games we are matched with Gold players where we sweep easyily. So far around 80% of the games we lost were against Conquerer players.

I would rather have longer queues than have matches that are extremely lopsided. I got matched against top 10 players as a plat in 25 seconds.

Also I have fun improving and ranking up, which is why I prefer ranked mode. If there are not enough players, maybe merge them and only provide one ranked mode for team players (so no more quick matches). There is a skill rating in both anyway.

Here is my supoosed fix. Give the preformed teams the option to click a check box that optimizes comparative elo over that of optimize quick matchmaking. This would benefit both the top players whom really want to keep amongst themsleves and the less skilled players that do not want to get matchup into lopsided game. But for ppl that dont care about fair elo but prioritize quick matchmaking will continue to get faster games.

Aoe3 (not DE) HAD this functions whereby you could manually set the max delta a player could be from your rank. I’m not asking they give us control of the elo delta but jist make a button that makes the elo matching more rigid for those that select the elo rigidity option. But also expect to wait a billion years bc…the population is just not there…