Matchmaking in Patch 10257

Hi developers of Relic.

I wanted to point something towards your attention.
Right now, we’re getting matches a lot quicker. Which is good and bad for certain ELO.

I got 3 examples for you.

  • A Rank 100 Player
  • A Rank 1500 Player
  • A Rank 3000 Player

I heard their experiences and I wanted to share it with you.
The Rank 100 Player gets matched really quickly in Rank 200. Average
The Rank 1500 players got the same matched as a Rank 100 player at certain times.
The Rank 3000 players got matched even around the really low ELO players. Of like 600 ELO. And then earn like nothing in the process.
It’s all over the place right now!

If you’re rank 400+ this update is good for you.
If you’re below 400 this update is bad for you.

Is my conclusion after asking, and they’re showing the ELO differences of these people.

Not sure if this is a bug to be honest. My guess is that player numbers have been declining so quickly that, in order to make sure that users don’t have to wait a very long time to find a game, the matching algorithm is just less strict about who it matches overall.

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Rank is not a good indication.
technically the top 2000 could all be at the same elo.

So the question is, what are these peoples elo and what were they matched against

It doesn’t feel as intended right now. It was supposed to give your games quicker of “your own ELO”. It does work for higher ELO around the rank 400 or higher. Because they don’t have to wait as much, meaning they won’t get matched against the lower pool anymore. So it’s totally fixed for the top players here.

As was mentioned in the developer stream around 12:55. They explain that it is not intended to face you with “TheViper”. But it was possible if your match search was longer than 7 minutes. Which isn’t the case for players that are average, because they get matches really quickly. But it was for the top 400. So it’s more likely that TheViper gets this situation, because he waited longer. But for the average, it didn’t happen, because his wait time will never reach this long.

Right now the matchmaking is quicker, and the ELO is all over the place. Which means it doesn’t work as intended. And why I think it should be posted here.

Rank 1400/1500 = 1376 - 1368 ELO = But gets matched in top 100, which is 1718 ELO+
Rank 2900/3000 = 1286 - 1282 ELO = But got matched with 1100-600 ELO.

That does seem to be an issue

Matchmaking is not that good this update needs a rework

Working on it.