Matchmaking is absolutely horrible currently

Hello DEVS !?!

Also, could you guys please move this topic to “Report a Bug” .
This is clear not a suggestion. But obvious a broken system.

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Its not a problem of the matchmaking system, there are just not enough players in the queue

Almost nobody plays this garbage anymore that’s why. They don’t fix/don’t listen to the community -> players leave. Do not buy any future MS products, do not waste your money.

Steam stats saying otherwise.

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Majority of them is single player no doubt…

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Hard to say, maybe they are single player, maybe they play dm, maybe unranked. Nonetheless, people are playing the game, no denying that.

Sorry to disagree, but it is.
It’s a unfair algorithm.

The correct algorithm should have a max and min % from based on your elo.

I don’t have problem playing a game slightly unbalanced like
~1400 vs ~1600 (15% diff)

It’s not acceptable playing with people 120%+ over your elo.

LIKE 800 vs 1700

It’s not fun for none of them.
It’s demoralizing for the low elo player.
It’s a waste of time for the high elo player.

But how you wanna know that? You post a lot of examples with wrong basis.

If 4 very strong players queue up as a team and 4 other random players aswell, the 4 random players will become a team no matter how the ratings are. If the 2 noobs queue up as a team, the algorhythm cant split them. You are just forgetting about how players do the queue in praxis and thats how I explained it.

There are not enough players in the queue for what you want and all these unfair matches mostly are from premade teams that cant be split and so there is no way to create fair teams.

Players with too high ELO difference should also not be able to even start finding a match if their search settings are allowing game modes where their ELO difference is too high.

Thats your opinion.

I only answered to the wrong information in this topic.

Your information is good no doubt about that. It tells what is wrong and I’m giving a solution to it. This is merely beyond my opinion. Many other games with MM do this too. In Dota2 legends can’t que up with crusaders. The game simply wont allow it. That way you will never get these unfair and unbalanced teams.

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Did you carry them to the glory?


He carried the opposition to glory.

My personal favourite.
Note: we were queuing separately and not as a team…


Hello Devs,
Please change the algorithm of this system.
This is pointless and meaningless.

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I have the same problem in the matchmaking system, it should be a priority, the revision of how the system matches the same thing happens in 1 vs 1. It makes the game more frustrating and does not have a consistent evolution curve.

omg, what a joke this mm system. PROS vs UNRANKED

I got this one game

then the other game

This last game are all 4 new players.
Some of them is their very first multiplayer game.
How bad this first impression can be? Are MS trying to kill the game?
This system is embarrassing.

tl;dr would the devs like to spill the beans on how the teams are assigned in team games? It feels random at best, cruel at worst.

I queued solo to play some TGs this weekend and screenshotted the names so I could check ELO later. I feel like matchmaking is picking the right players, but putting them on the wrong teams.

Game 1: 2k1, 2k, 2k, 1800 vs 1450, 1250, 1100, 900. Massacred by minute 19. Got to build 2 military units.

Game 2: 2k2, 2k2, 1450, 1250 vs 1250, 1050, 1000, 1000. We killed someone in dark age before we noticed the skill gap. +0 points. Frustrating day for our opponents. We would have gladly waited another 5 minutes for a better match instead of wasting our time.

Game 3: 2k2, 2k1, 1800, 1450 vs 1800, 1200, 1200, 1000. 25 minute game. Could have been AFK making dinner.

This is not a “oh it’s so unfair” post. Matchmaking this poor makes the game a bad experience for new and seasoned players alike. So I’m wondering if team assignment is random? Maybe teams of low ELO guys queue up together and can’t be matched well? If the latter, Maybe if the mean ELOs differ by more than 400 points, have players vote to shuffle teams before the match? Maybe if no good match can be found, wait another 5 mins and give us a message like "we found players but no fair matches, hang in there!"


Hi :slight_smile:

I’m about 2300 elo right now. For some reason, I tend to get teamed with 700-1200 elo teammates aswell as enemies. Why is this happening?

Some guy who just bought the game decides to go multiplayer, expects to meet players with the same skillset, only to be crushed by people with over 500 games on their record.

Honestly, I feel so bad when I’m playing these games. I rush my enemy as soon as possible to end the game. It’s just brutal.

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