Matchmaking leavers need extra penalty

hi !
I suggest matchmaking leavers need extra penalty as losing their ELO as well. They still leave. I believe now they have infinite account and leaving every time then log in with an other account.

This is a complicated issue. I know there are trolls who don’t care about others, but many people leave for a reason.

I used to leave before the match begins after I saw teammates with lower than 45% win rate or some low elo players with more than 1k games. These people literally don’t care about winning so it is reasonable for not want to team with them. Right now the developer put a time out penalty for quitting before the match begins, probably this is why people leave early instead. Not to mention I had to play on banned map sometimes. The matchmaking is so terrible
Losing double ELO can’t be a solution. I am sure early leavers don’t care about elo, some of them will be happy to see more elo drop. Having higher elo only means you have higher skills or you have good premade team. We all know that we can’t be one of the champions by playing team games. Elo does not make people feel rewarding and I don’t see many people care about team elo.


This statement isn’t just objectively true. Being at a low level, or having a low winrate doesn’t mean people don’t care about winning, or that they aren’t ok, you should probably just ask them in the chat at the very least, to see if they will actually try.


Just for example, what do you think of the players who got 1k+ games but only with 1k elo ? In my option, being good at only 1 strategy can get you more than 1k elo with less than a hundred of games. I did not say all of them don’t care about winning. I think most of them don’t and I don’t want to risk it.

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Why not just ask them? Or help them out ingame?


No, it is hard to do it unless we are completely on a much higher level.
When you ask people if they want to win. 99% of the people will answer you yes, but can you see how much they care ? Definitely not, they might still resign when they saw SC in their base or get castle dropped.

I am not sure if people will get annoyed after I keep telling them to do something. Here is an easy example, I saw people are making trade cart early. This means they already put too many villagers on wood and gold, delayed TC, villagers or units. Then I might need to explain why they shouldn’t make cart early on certain maps in order to persuade them. There is also a problem, do we have time to tell and explain everything without pausing ? There are indeed some basic knowledge they need to know and do homework before they go to multiplayer games. Having more than 1k games and low elo really means they didn’t bother to learn anything.


I agree. Especially in Quick Game and Lobby Game, the leaver should also received penalty of their elo

This doesn’t even make sense.
If someone makes multis just to troll who would stop him from just making more multies?
How does an elo penalty stop these people?
I don’t even know if these people really exist and to what degree, but that literally is the worst idea to stop such a behaviour cause it basically punishes everybody BUT the people it shall punish.

And TBH I see too many people cryig for punishment here. And I don’t even think it’s a real issue. As far as it is for me, I can’t complain. In my opinion always is the best “punishment” for quitters them just losing the match. Nothing else needed.
And then we can have a score of how many Vs somebody got from quitting opponents to track if there’s abuse of that system.
Easy, transparent and nobody needs to complain.

The proposal of this thread could also be from a toxic cheater/bully that is currently dodged by others for obvious reasons.


Are you talking about queue dodging?

There are plenty of problems right now especially with being down. There’s the problem of smurfs, afk players in tg that don’t respond before the game starts, insufficient ban options with a bad map pool for voting, known rage quitters and the biggest of all problems - getting matched with an ally that’s too strong or too weak.

Its ok to get matched with + or - 200 elo but sometimes you get matched with + or - 500 elo players. That’s not going to be a good game. Actually speaking there should be no penalty when someone quits such a mismatched game.


Yes those games should not be matched in the first place


I don’t think is true at all. Some people just aren’t fast enough at APM, no matter how long they’ve been playing the game (myself included). I’ve been playing about 7 years since back in Voobly days, I have thousands of games, a very comprehensive knowledge of tech trees and build order yet I still haven’t ever cracked 1200 ELO because I’m limited by slow APM, bad multi tasking skills and micro which makes Daut’s look godly.


What kind of penalty do you propose, and how will it fix the purported problem with the system? This post does not seem to have very much thought put into it, so I’m puzzled why anyone is taking this seriously.

I think more time penality would be fine

People who force MegaRandom, Migration etc. on others need penalty, not the majority who plays Arabia/Arena/BF/Nomad.


I win more games and i am still going down in elo ever since the new elo algorithm, your fix would boost deflation even more so i don’t think you have thought it well.

The whole TG match making is merely garbage at this point, i get a team around my elo 1 of 5 games, the rest is all about guys 500 lower elo vs 500 higher elo guys and just because the waiting preference that is still generating noob bashing all day, then there are the nomad quitter calais and other nomad specialist always resign after min 5 cause they are not getting nomad and the rest of my experience is on megarandom or the water maps of the week which with low elo players there is not enough reason t o play those maps vs stackers, all my allies in water maps just die and i can’t ban that map cause im banning nomad forever.

So this isn’t about dodgers it is about a terrible match making system which not only forces awful maps to be played cause it gives preferences to stackers but it also generates unwinnable games most of the time and to make things better even if you manage to win more you would end up losing more elo unless you are stacking.

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I don’t want to argue with you but I can give you a suggestion. It might not be fun but it will increase your ELO in short term. In my experience, I started with FC defensive till imp which does not need to be fast nor need any multitasking at all. I would say most of the players below 1.4k don’t have balls to all in so you should be able to take advantage of them easily.
Anyway, you already knew your disadvantage, why don’t you choose a different strategy that suits you better ?

I agree for most of your comments. I have played many online games and i saw a lot of solutions for this. The most hurtful one is losing ranked point. If they even don’t care about the point then there is no solution for them. I believe the multi acc problem can solve to track game purchase ID . Then other multi-accounts can have penalty as well. I am not sure if someone has tried to see if the purchase ID gets penalty or the steam account. There must be a way to stop these quiters.

I think it happen in every game and I think it is a good solution because by the game people become better and better they will get rid of the low elo which full of quitter. Like the hell of the 600 rank

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The best thing you can do to stop quitters is to reduce their motivation to quit.
Some can’t be adressed, but some can.

Don’t force players to play maps they don’t like
Don’t force player in disfavorable matchups
Don’t force player to play somebody they don’t like
For Team games: Make a working elo gain/loss calculation that doesn’t disfavor people (people eg being overrated)

You can’t stop toxic people cause you will bring up only more toxicity. It’s that easy.

And that’s why I was against this punishment system from the very beginning. It just won’t work.

The best way is to try to communicate to the community to just ignore the toxic people. Become more resilient and don’t rage for minor reasons. If you are annoyed by quitters in the game, how can you survive in the real world… Seriously?


Alt+F4 and early leaver problems did not exist for 10+ years in Voobly and HD because people were allowed to pick their maps.

Some form of ranked lobbies or unlimited bans in matchmaking solves the problem 100%. Punishment has not and will not fully resolve the issue.

It really is that simple.