Matchmaking lockout after ranked que bugs out 2 times in a row

This is the second time I have received a que penalty because of the fact that the ranked lobbies, on occasion, spawn with no opponent and the timer goes on forever. The only solution is to restart game.

And so if you are unfortunate enough to have this happen twice in a row, like myself, then you have now been labeled as que dodging and you cannot play.

Please fix this bug.

Hey @HardenedKhan! Sorry you are experiencing some frustration here. Can you walk me through more explicitly what you are seeing after you hit “Search for Game”?

it’s not every time, but if this bug happens it goes as follows:

you hit search and enter que
you then enter a lobby that looks the same as any other matchmaking lobby except there is no opponent.
the timer then ticks on indefinitely.

Thank you for the extra info @HardenedKhan! I’ll get this over for the team to take a look at.