Matchmaking penalty, Leavers

I’m finding it quite tedious playing 2v2 in matchmaking when my ally leave after first resistance. I believe this is a solved problem for many other games that has a penalty method implementation for leaving the game early.

A surrender option where both parties agrees to end the game is preferred, over seeing your ally leave after he lose one castle instead of fighting on when you’re in the middle of the other enemy’s base half in ruins. Because I realize the only different between a losing team and a winning one is often the one where ones ally resist for as long as possible instead of leaving prematurely.

The only problem I see right now in implementing this is the unstable state of the game where unwilling crashes would result in undeserved penalties.


I’ve crashed a few times playing multiplayer but aside from that I’d be fine with a mutual surrender. If you’re getting into 2vs2 or more you shouldn’t be so quick to resign…


leaving the game early seems a subjective statement, can you specify when, in minutes, do you want to penalize me?

Best way will be, that all of the team need to give up in the same time, all player need to say: yes I give up. (Like AI in AoE3) Than can’t only one player go out.

I hope you understand this.

That’s what the ranking is for.
Although do we currently have it?
We should be careful with such a penalty, it’s also annoying when players hide their villagers to draw out a game as long as possible.

The implementation is not up to me but I would suggest a comparison with the other teams score. If you lack behind with a score of only 10-30% then a leave could lead to a penalty (perhaps based on how big the difference in score is).

Ofc some research should be done to determine when a player is defeated. Perhaps a combination of both the time spent playing and a percentage of the score you lack behind, perhaps the team score is looked at and not the individual score.

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I believe what I suggested earlier to SorcerousBoat7. Would solve the problem with “players hide their villagers to draw out a game as long as possible.” by allowing player to leave if they are to far behind in score.

Many other games has ranking as well as a penalty system on top of that and I feel like they have worked great. I feel like a ranking system alone does not work since the player then rather gives up and take the rank hit and brings hes/hers teammate down with them instead of fighting on. That is why i prefer matchmaking because people are usually committed more to play the game to its end (as it should be) instead of leaving after the first resistance.

Actually, I have no idea how the current system deals with this: if you quit a 2vs2+ game you would immediately lose ELO right? But what if your remaining teammates go on to win the game? Do players that quit early get that ELO back?

I think just a vote dip switch indicating you vote for resignation would be sufficient. Otherwise the only way to quit would be to end task on the game. i think your in game player shouldn’t indicate you’ve quit though even if that happens because that changes the game. A penalty would then be unnecessary…

Would this help?
After going back to the map you can continue playing and/or the enemy player gets taken over by an AI (decided by the player).
I noticed that Grubby (a WC3 player) always does this.

Back in the day of RA2 we had a gentlemen’s agreement for that: should one player quit for whatever reason in 2v2, one player of the other team would stay out of the fight until the remaining fight is resolved.

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They should not. The single player (or team with less players) should just earn more elo for winning 1v2 at the end. Just like it currently is on Voobly.

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I just made a post about this today as well… If a player quits a game within like 5 min, they should get a timeout like 15 min or 30 min. If they do it repeatedly, they should get a longer timeout from being able to join another game.

Seems like too many people just don’t like the challenge or only like playing against weaker players.

This is rly unfair tbh, if the team won both should get more elo. Only giving it for the one that survived is kinda like saying that the one who died did absolutely nothing and the other player won 1v2 from the very beggining, which’s a huge lie (unless it actually happened somehow). This could even lead to toxic people abusing this and then killing their teammates a bit before they defeat the enemy (kinda hard most of the time tbh, but still possible)

Wow, it keeps happening. Why can’t you even report players? It must count as greefing or something… Just had this game where the enemy where in big trouble, the one I was attacking were half dead (20 steps and 4 rams reeking havoc, killing 1 TC already) and probably close to leaving and what happens? My ally types “gg” and leaves for losing his early eagle scout troops. Both me and the enemy were in shock to see my ally leaving In what I believe to be a sure victory for us and I assume the enemy where on the same page.

Don’t believe me? See for yourselves, I’ve linked the replay and you can judge if this was a early leave by my Ally, causing a loss.

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just reasearch spies/treason

I think it would be better idea to just a have an independent karma rating. Let people who play with you give you a thumbs up or down after the game. You should weigh the ally’s thumbs down more than the enemy’s.
Use that to match similar karma players with each other for similar ratings if possible. Don’t match at all people with radically different karma

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to open to abuse.
oh this guy scout rushed me and didn’t let me boom. he just cheesed me, i couldn’t play the way i want, thumbs down.

Lot of that is easy to mitigate by weighing factors like average rating given by player.

On, you can see the player ELO, # games played, win %, and drop % (i.e. network, crash, alt-F4). Rather than penalizing within the game, perhaps the first step is to start tracking and displaying leaver %.

For example, if you are the first person on the team to resign/quit while your team score is at least 70% of the opposing team score, it is considered ‘leaving’. So, if your team is behind by more than 30%, it doesn’t count as leaving. If you are not the first person to exit (say a team member got disconnected and you are now 2v3), it doesn’t count as ‘leaving’.

By tracking this stat, you would know if someone had an unusual number of exits (drops or leaves) and could choose to drop them from the lobby or ban them.

The nice thing about letting the community handle this, is that people can occasionally leave early if they are having a bad day. And, it doesn’t require much coding from the AOE2 development staff.