Matchmaking produces unfair Teamgames - make the lobby rated for teamgames

So basically pretty much everytime I go for matchmaking to find a 3v3 or 4v4 TG the games are always decided by who gets more HD 16xx plebs (i’m sorry). If i go for matchmaking, i go for it, because i want fair games and not always some beginner in my team, i get them even though i’m 1550+ rating (19+ voobly TG). Climbing the ladder further is also close to impossible, because often the other team has either several 2k2 voobly players stacking and you have no chance to win, or the other team is again full of HD 16xx plebs and you get 0 points. So if you are queuing up for a TG, you pretty much can just lose.

The only way to get a decent TG together is going to unranked looby, creating a room with “voobly 17++ or 18++” and asking everyone who joins after his voobly profile and voobly rating. This means that the only way to get a fair game is to use voobly elo, so we actually have to bypass the whole DE system to actually get a fair game. wtf

Therefore i want that the normal unranked looby should have a possiblity to play ranked TGs, including that you can see the TG rate of a player in the lobby. I understand if 1v1 is ony working over matchmaking, thats completly fine for me, but for TG matchmaking simply doesnt work, at least not now (probly never will in the current state) and i have no desire to wait any longer in this broken system.

What happens if nothing happens? Well everyone will go back to voobly sooner or later, WK will get the new civs added and DE dies (from a competitve view). If that’s what the devs want then go ahead and change nothing, provide no information about current problems with DE and don’t interact with anyone complaining or providing feedback, as it’s currently the case.


It doesnt work because the community is to small and the matchmaking algorithm probably increases the Elo search range to fast. So they can either leave it like it is = unfair matches, cap the max range on the search = longer queue times, or allow rated lobbies = lobby simulator. My guess for now is that it will get better with time as all the good players actually reach their Elo and players stick around on DE.

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