Matchmaking Punishment for Quitting when not getting the favorite map


ever since the favorite map option was introduced to the matchmaking there has been a huge increase in the behavior of people just going alt f4 when they get a map that is not their favorite because it seems that they now expect to only play the favorite map.

as a player who like a variety of maps i sometimes have to ban arabia not not play arabia every single game. and that leads to people just going alt f4 when they dont like the map we got matched on. so i have to restart my queue and wait for another couple of minutes. this especially is a big issue on team games, because if one of 6 or 8 players does not like the map he will just quit and make everyone else wait again.

As this happens atleast in 1 out of 3 teamgames in matchmaking i feel like there is a necessity of having a punishment for that kind of behavior. something like a 15min ban would be good, so that people need to wait for 15 min before they are able to queue again. it might even be necessary to make it an IP ban, so that people can not just switch to a smurf account.


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