Matchmaking Ranked System is shit

Hi , ive just start to my first matches on ranked and to be honest i will quit because u cant improve !
I tried 10 games, 7 of then was against Gold with more than 200 matches… 1 against a Silver and 2 against PLATINUM

HOW is this possible , if u guys need some devs to change this filter that can be solved with 1 line of coding and with less than 5 minutes just send me email i can make it for u guys as free !

I dont know HOW is this possible… this is the worst matchmaking ever made !!

Someone who’s in charge should be FIRED !

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so with this matchmaking everyone whos trying to improve they just quit…

i will never again play on ranked

Rank title : gold. plat, diamond, etc are just title. there is hidden elo, please check your user here :

it is normal if you just start playing rank, because the starting point when you start rank is 700 (which is this is gold).