MatchMaking Really bad, don't consider win rates

I play only RM team with a friend and always 4 vs 4 (more than 400 plays 4vs4) . Last month our ELO go quickly down (from 1800 to 1450) for a repetitive fact: even that the average ELO teams where equal, the other team almost always have smurf player with insane win rate more than 85%, due to our team win rate where never higher than 50%.
So clearly the matchmaking teams DO NOT consider win rates. I think that is a big problem that give us a really bad game experience due is a simple thing to fix in my opinion.

what are your thoughts?

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There is a boost to get all smurfs into higher rank, but it only takes them to 2k elo.

When I climbed up I got 150+ elo per win. That got me fast to 2k elo, which after that the game slowed the elo gain to around 25/win.

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but that doesn’t explain what I said or I missing out something?