Matchmaking suggestion to prevent alt f4 and time spent in queue


I always prefer open maps such as Arabia. That is my preferred map, but I am open to playing maps such as ghost lake, gold rush/pit, valley, acropolis, serengeti etc. However, the map pool cannot always prevent closed/water/nomads at the same time becaus the number of bans are not enough (especially for team games such as 3v3).

For that reason, I always do alt+f4 when I get megarandom or nomad because there aren’t enough bans, and they remain available. At this moment, I really do not have any other choice than doing alt f4 (or I’ll stop playing this game). After all, I play this game for fun, this is not the world cup or a tournament. You might tell me that I should go to lobbies and pick Arabia, but I don’t want to waste my time looking for an opponent. The matchmaking system is good because it’s relatively fast, and I like playing ranked games because I receive opponents closer to my level/elo, which makes the game fun and competitive. I don’t care about how high/low my elo is, but I care about three things: (1) playing the map I want; (2) playing against opponents at similar levels; (3) and not waiting for opponents.

Me doing alt f4 is also not fair for opponents, because they also waste their time waiting in the line more than once.

My proposal is (either/or):

  1. Increase number of bans or allow “only” 1 map choice
  2. Show waiting time for certain maps (e.g. Arabia 2 minutes, Megarandom 5 minutes etc.). This way people can see transparently whether to ban/pick certain maps.
  3. Show elo for open/closed maps. This way the game could be more competitive. For instance, my arabia elo is about 1300, but I suck at arena and consider my elo at arena about below 1100.
  4. If nothing else above is possible, allow players to subscribe by paying a monthly fee to avoid playing the maps they want. My time is valuable, so I don’t want to waste half an hour until I get an arabia game in the team game.

My point is, in order not to quit playing this game, players need to be given options and they shouldn’t be wasting too much time in the queue. This makes the game unplayable and unenjoyable.


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