May 4th game errored, then unistalled itself. Can't re-install

I’ve tried suggestions I could find on here, and spent 4-5 hrs with XBOX/Windows support resetting and checking everything. I’ve had the game for 10+ days.

Running a Dell 7591 on Win 10

May 3rd, The “MIcrosoft Store Package Dependency Installer” updated. I played a few hrs.

May 4th, Started game and got an error I cant remember exactly… Couldn’t laocate something. Then it crashed and disappeared off my laptop. Now The Microsoft store says there is an update- won’t load, nothing happens. The main install button is there and says install, but the buttons just clicks and nothing happens.

I’ve updated, reset, reloaded everything that’s been suggested.
Windows store
Temp files
uninstalled xbox apps and re-installed
Stopped wuauserv and bits
cleared Software Dist folder
ran troubleshoot - no problems

I can still install the game on my older laptop, just not the one I’ve been playing on.


Today I turned my laptop on, clicked on the Microsoft Store-- It prompted another update to the “Microsoft Store Package Dependency Installer". I clicked allow…

Then the game started out of nowhere and everything seems to be fine. :confused: