May be we can have a dlc about age of exploration for AOE2 in the future

Age of exploration is a splendid period in history but attributed to the game mode of AOE3,this period of history is not attracting many players.AOE3 has stop update for months and it may be abandoned in the future.This is really regrettable.The game mode of AOE3 may be a mistake but the period of history should be known by more people.The AOE2 has a successful game mode,this game mode is wonderful to this splendid period of history.
My advice is to let the AOE2 have a new dlc in the future,this DLC will like Return of Rome,independent from the main AOE2 game.and it can be switched in the left side of the screen just like Return of Rome.
This dlc will use the game mode and game engine of AOE2(this dlc will not have any game mode of AOE3,such as homecity,revolution system and card system,all units will cost 1 population).This dlc will have the unit system like AOE2(all civs use the common unit system but have different tech tree,and every civ will get their unique unit,just like AOE2,for example, Gatling Gun for American).All of the common units will be modernization,they will become new units such as musketeer, skirmisher, falconet etc.The civs of this dlc will add normal civs(such as Chinese,British and French) and revs(such as Brazilian and Colombian) of AOE3,and will add some new civs popular in players but not in the game yet(such as Danes,Moroccan).The Artilleries will have gunners in the future,they will not driverless in the future lol.
The campaigns will no longer a family history,Famous battles will in the Campaigns,such as Borodino,Waterloo etc.
I hope this dlc will make more players get interested in the age of exploration.

Absolutely not.

No that’s a very bad idea. Like a really bad idea.

RoR made a lot of sense because AoE1 and AoE2 were using different version of the same engine.
AoE2 has all the features AoE1 has plus more on top.
So they ported the already existing game or AoE1 into AoE2.

There was no new game made, no new unit added, only a few technologies were added and some bonuses were changed, but overall about the same as some AoE2DE patches changed about AoE2DE.

# ##### new game in the AoE2 engine is a bad idea.

AoE2DE uses an old and inefficient engine that has a lot of technical limitations.

Wouldn’t it be much much easier to make a new game mode for AoE3DE that doesn’t have home cities and all units cost 1 pop?

Even if you want to have a new 2D game it would make a lot more sense to use a modern Engine like Unity that has 2D support build in.


AOE3 is a motherless child,the world’ edge has abandoned to update it.May be the only way to make AOE3 players have more civs of the period of AOE3 is to be the part of the most popular game in this company.

The other way is the world’s edge update it,but they don’t want to do it for now and they may abandon the game in the future.

AoMR is using the same engine as AoE3DE so there are already 2 games that use the same engine and are likely made by the same team.
The reduced rate of AoE3DE content is likely because of work on AoMR.

Also they added a lot of new free things to AoE3DE already this year.
The game is not abandoned at all.
Just because there was no DLC this year yet doesn’t mean the game is dead.

Also AoE3DE is many times more popular then AoE1DE ever was.
Making an entirely new game in a technically much inferior engine just so it is technically a part of a more successful game doesn’t make any sense, especially because RoR is pretty dead. Almost no one plays it.
Why should AoE3 get more players be becoming a part of AoE2 if it didn’t work for AoE1?


I think that AoE 2 simply does not fit into this time frame. While late medieval civs with a renaissance feel are cool, focusing on the era of exploration simply wouldn’t be immersive.

However, one scenario in the campaign for potential Aragonese civ, regarding the discovery of America by Columbus, could be interesting.

But back. In AoE 3 you have Minor Civilizations which adds the best depth because as a European civ you can have an alliance with Native Americans, which is a unique feature of AoE 3 and this is not in AoE 2. Native Americans unfortunately do not fit to be civs in AoE 2, except highly developed pre-Columbian civilizations - Mesoamerican and Andean cultures.

All that AoE3 could be

Honestly I think the Aoe1 scene coild be revived a vit if a big patch or DLC allows all players to try ranked RoR for a while

Make it a free DLC or a free trial civ like AoE3

Can we point and laugh? It feels evil but…

Maybe not a game mode but it would be cool one day to see a aoe2 set in modern age, just separated from aoe2 of course.
Aoe2 is so popular because it probably has the most convincing formula in terms of mechanics where aoe1 was just a primitive version of it and aoe3 another thing entirely.
So it would actually be curious to have modern civs with aoe2 mechanics like French, USA, Dutch training different UUs and having aoe2 style campaigns.

Really anything could revive it. Even just two civs DLCs plus an old civ campaign like they’re doing with aoe2 but I don’t really know why they don’t even try now that Ror is a thing…

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