Mayan, Sicilian and Chinese farming bonus change request

Firstly Mayans and it is a bit of economy nerf. “Resources last 15% longer” → “Natural resources last 15% longer” → Basically excludes farms and fish traps keeping everything else same. I don’t understand why Mayan farms are supposed to last longer when they already have S tier economy. Their wood lasts longer by default and they save wood on archers too, so it seems pointless on farms. The reason for removing this is because I want to give it to Chinese.

Chinese team bonus: Farms have 10% more food → Farms last 10% longer, which is almost the same but it doesn’t show the player that it has 10% more food. This is because farm food amount is changed additively, while the Chinese bonus being multiplicative needs to be modified with every change. This has almost no change for the players, but it makes the jobs of the devs easier.

Finally the Sicilians, which are the main one. Farms +50F per age (starting in Dark Age). I don’t like the situational bonus. To even get your bonus started, you need Horse Collar researched, which will pay off much later. The civ can use a bit of help in economy department so that its military could be nerfed when need be.


  1. Even in the absolute worst condition, you are getting +50F per farm (since it starts in Dark Age)

  2. If you manage to get your farming started in Feudal Age, you will have +100F automatically, rather than +75 with Horse Collar.

  3. In post imperial, you get the bonus same as the current Horse Collar + Heavy Plough. This is more of an even value in 1vs1, where Crop Rotation isn’t researched usually.

mill upgrades take time to pay off, which means the current Sicilian bonus takes even longer to pay off.

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Yeah. At least. I have said that they could do with the whole bonus gone, but we will see.

I don’t understand but sure, whatever you say lol. I still believe that an eco bonus should not be a team bonus and chinese should have another team bonus that isn’t as ridiculous when stacked. Move the +5 TC pop to TB and bring in the longer lasting farms as a civ bonus.

Sure, seems better, but also too weak, and anything other than that would be UP. I agree that Sicilians don’t have an eco bonus until early castle age, and it’s too slow to pay off even then. But I don’t know how I would feel about a “Farms provide +25/+50/+75/+100% more food per age” for example. I think it’s better than what you proposed because it actually scales and stays relevant in imp as well.

Good changes overall. Something I rarely see on the forum.

I just want to mention that Mayans farm like 5 % slower than other civs in the exchange, IMO mayan farms are actually the worst in the game.
I don’t say that mayans wouldn’t need a nerf but imo if mayan farms were regular the civ would probably be even stronger.

Let me help you, Sicilians should have NO eco bonus. For some reason people cant accept the fact some civs (less than 20% of them) have no eco bonus, that’s very healthy for a strategy game to have very few one that have other features, Magyars and Byzantines are well designed in this regard, same about Bulgarians.

Developers forced Sicilians into a pathetic eco bonus, just for the sake of having one, no matter how poor designed it is and how irrelevant it is. A methodical thinking results this kind of sad balance.
And I’m not even going to start talking about Hauberk, currently top 2 worst UT in the game.

Bravo developers you’ve turned a brilliant Donjon-Serjeant design into another generic Knight civ backed up with an eco bonus, and you guys cope with that.

Sicilians have a way better eco bonus: The 100 % faster built TCs.
2 Sicilian Builders can build a TC faster than 5 standard ones.

Sicilians actually have a very solid eco, but funnily the farm bonus is just the minor part of it.

That hasn’t been the case now. The devs have corrected the numbers and they are around 2% slower to 2% faster depending on upgrades, which is quite insignificant.

We beg to disagree, but everyone is entitled to opinions.

Well even that kicks in Castle Age, and it is also quite situational depending on when you place TCs and how many TCs you place.

And for exact numbers: x Sicilian builder = 2x + 2 generic builders

That’s actaully true. The sicilian eco is strong but except for the stone bonus doesn’t give anything before castle age.

Sure? When I tested it for my eco calcs the farming rate (including walking) was more than 4 % reduced for mayans.

That would be a solid change except for Mayans. Mayans are balanced by starting pop capped at start of the game, so they start the game with loom and the extra villager basically kicks after clicking up to Feudal.

Good. We might finally see something other than Britons Mayans Franks Indians stacks. It’s the same as Mayans on nomad where if they build the house they get the extra vil from the start.

Besides, Chinese Mayans on 2v2 is not a good idea as there is no heavy cavalry civ.