Maybe a blood dlc is a good idea?

There is a very good solution that does not require waiting for some paid DLC, just find a person who will make the mod, you will not need to pay, and the developers will not need to strain with the age rating, just wait for the mod, I am sure that people will do a lot of different mods.

The simplest solution would be for the blood content to come with the game originally instead of relying on unpaid modders as free laborers to create those content.


The law isn’t the same, in various countries across the world, as it was back in 1997. Times change. Games reflect that. Blood and gore is a particularly noteworthy one because some countries have very emphatic rules on depicting it (or not, as the case may be).

It affects the owning company not getting sued. You can disagree with it, but video games have had a long and troubled history with depiction of violence in the press. All it takes is for one particularly high-profile court case and bam, that’s a lot of legal fees for something you get no return out of.

In practical terms for you and I, it probably doesn’t make a lot of difference. But we wouldn’t be the ones getting sued.

It’s not really much to do with what “society is raising”. Video games and (however remote) links to actual violence has been a longstanding problem with a depiction of the medium. Statistically (though I could be wrong of course hah), Jack Thompson was likely already an adult when you were a kid. Of course, he’s an extreme example. I don’t think it’s wrong for someone not familiar with video games to be worried about the level of violence shown in some of them. Obviously, very little has actually born fruit in terms of studies, but that’s besides the point. You don’t get past someone’s concern (however misplaced it may be) by calling them a “butter boy”, for example :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, also, in actual psychological terms, yes, stuff like blood can induce trauma and the more realistic games get, the more likely that you can actually cause individual harm to someone based on the events of a video game. I’m not saying this specifically is Age IV’s problem of course, nor am I saying “let’s ban games because of this” - I’m just commenting on how things change as technology develops.

It’s not like games can’t include realistic depictions of violent acts and blood these days (Space Marine just received an Anniversary Edition for its 10th anniversary. That game is full of blood and gore). But the legal landscape is different, and games are far more realistic in their depiction of things (like, look at that Warcraft screenshot up the thread. It’s hardly realistic). This causes games to have to deal with problems nowadays that older games didn’t have to.

Except when you live in germany, then the game will be unlisted for the german market to buy since steam and many other platforms have no age verification method.

For me, this is just ■■■■■■■■.
There is a proverb that says “Strong men create easy times and easy times generate weak men, but weak men create difficult times and difficult times generate strong men.”

The current generation is butter boys who are offended by words and can’t see a few pixels of blood on a game screen.

ONTOPIC: I believe it is not difficult to add blood with mods.

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I don’t attribute my hyper masculine toughness, piercing glare, and hardened physique to all the bloody video games I played in the 1990s when the world was rough and men were men. But who knows. Maybe that’s the the cause.

At any rate, I don’t care whether my imaginary knights bleed or not. My decision whether to play the game hinges on other factors.


Yeah, so what you’re saying is war veterans are just being weak when they get triggered by fireworks?
Trauma is real. Don’t belittle people with some crappy “wisdom”.

I don’t remember talking about war veterans.

Its not only them, they are just an example. Many people have different things that have caused their trauma.

Funny thing is specifically war veterans are people who match your fictional hyper-masculine proverb.
Turns out “strong men” can be pretty sensitive.
Which is why it should be optional.

I know but even without the dismemberment, TW goes over the edge with blood. All we need is AoE2 blood brought into the modern era of gaming

You do realize that Age of Kings had blood and is the same age rating…

What the modders are there for is to make a super extreme blood mod (like AoE2 or AoE2 long lasting corpses) blood should come in the basegame, it is literally a wargame.

I think at the worst, we might have to wait for mods for blood. I believe this is scheduled for early 2022, hopefully in January if we’re lucky. I know I’ll be adding that mod, assuming it’s done well.

if its anything like in coh2 which the files indicated it will be, you wont be able to do blood as mod and so on

Why should we pay extra for that dlc when blood should be included in the base game as an option? Or when we are supposed to be able to mod it?

Is this true? How flexible is the modding in this engine?

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where i find mods who will fix 60$ game.

You can just not buy the game if it seems too expensive to you, Battlefield 2042 is sold for 80 dollars being a broken game in technical terms, I don’t think it will be fixed until the end, but people still buy the game, AoE 4 at least works for their money , and has not as many bugs and problems as it could.
It has already been said that games are a luxury like going to the cinema or the theater, people decide for themselves whether they can spend their money on entertainment, and no state can guarantee that all people have access to entertainment, wait for discounts, sales, etc.

the engine is very flexible, its just that starting with coh2 relic blocked most of the stuff

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Wouldn’t say broken. It is overpriced and unoriginal though. It’s like battlefield 4 on buggy steroids.

Ah yes the “if you don’t like it don’t buy it” comment. That really worked well for Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield V

I rely on the feedback from people who participated in the beta test of the game, they claim that the game has a lot of problems, and in some places they are completely broken, many journalistic publications have also written about this.

Well, this is the simplest advice I can give in this situation, no one can force someone to buy something.
Again, if the family budget does not allow such spending on entertainment, then buying a game on release is probably not the best decision either.