Maybe a crazy idea: "National" campaigns/missions

What I’m thinking of is having a few (two or three?) short historical battles or missions for each civ that help familiarizing with the gameplay and deck build, etc. of the civ (basically a set of civ-specific art-of-war missions, with some historical background), and gain some additional home city appearances as well.

This might be a lot of work but it could be released gradually like home city appearances.


I really like this idea, new scenarios are always welcome and the Art of War challenges doesn’t really explain each different civilization’s unique mechanics and bonuses.

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It will require workers who know what they are doing instead of ones who trudge away at the task for their daily dollar.

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Yes, that’s a good idea. It’s the best way to get solo players into multiplay.


This makes a lot of sense for a game with that many differences between civilisation.
Having a scenario that helps you understanding what makes them unique and how to utilise those features.
Also makes you familiar with the cards they have available. A lot of new players will be overwhelmed by the number of cards to choose from.


I think there should be the greatest battles of that time in Historical Battles: The Battle of Vienna (1683), The Battle of Waterloo (1815) etc.

Additionally, new campaigns: European and African (creating new campaigns is the most work and time).

Campaigns in AoE 3 are like stories, so you can stick to that. There could be 3 African campaigns similar to those from TAD and 3 European campaigns more similar to the basic campaigns.

Proposals for European campaigns:

  1. History of a Polish nobleman living in the 17th century. His homeland is surrounded by numerous enemies. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is in danger - will it survive the devastating wars? (campaign modeled on the Sienkiewicz Trilogy)

  2. French Revolution

  3. The story of the Ottoman commander who conquers Europe.

It’s nice if there is something cooperative (e.g. Custom Battles - choosing a faction and number of units for a quick battle without building a city), but I think that so far the maps and the scale of the battles are too small for this.

That’d be nice, but alas they don’t care about the game. We might get a Sweden campaign since they’re so obsessed with it, but that’s it

Now I want to brainstorm these… I might come back later and give my own ideas of what they could use for certain civs.

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That would be very appreciated.