Maybe bug, propably i'm just stupid

hey guys, i just started with AoE4 coming from AoE2 and 3.

In the other games of the series i clicked at the townhall on the bell and all my villagers stopped what they were doing and went to safety.

Now i select all villagers and then ‘search safety’ and all move to the townhall, but just a few enter the building, even if there’s enough space. the rest just stands in front of it doing nothing and get killed,

And if i click then ‘go back to work’, all villagers leave the building and move to the spot they worked, but most of them don’t start the work. So they all stay around their fields for example and don’t do anything. Do i have to click now every single one and send them to a field or is there a way they all resume their work they done before? i’m so frustrated because AoE2 and 3 didn’t had this issue.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: