Maybe Chinese can form alliances with Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar

Maybe the Chinese consulate can form alliances with Asian countries like Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, rather than European countries.On the one hand, it increases cultural diversity and makes up for the lack of Korea and Vietnam. On the other hand, it makes the game more historical

Considering Vietnam was their historic enemy, it would be funny.
Then again, Portuguese can recieve Barbary Corsairs and Mamelukes as mercenaries, and can even revolt into the Barbary States, which is ahistorical as all heck!
It is actually quite a bit insulting…

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It kinda makes sense you can revolt into historical enemies, I mean…it’s a revolution XD, it’s supposed to represent ‘breaking free’ or ‘taking over’ the big empire

No, specially not rival states that existed at the same time, and you never even had a presence on.

Spain, France and the Ottomans were in Libya, not Portugal. Why does Portugal get 5 Revolutions, when France only gets 3, if Portugal has never even been in the Barbary States?