Maybe have Public Update Previews like in other age games?

Maybe we can have Public Update Previews like in other age games? The forum here is very quick at finding out bugs, particularly these ones which can be tested much faster as more people are playing. I am a long time AoE player (still not good at the game but a passionate fan of the franchise) and this patch really hurts because right now my favorite civs (Delhi and Abbasids) are just horribly bugged. I don’t want to use any strong language such as “The Game is unplayable”, but I’ll be staying away from the game for now because it’s just not fun knowing there are game-breaking bugs and exploits. Mexico is coming out for AoE3DE and I’m going to focus on that for a while.

Still, I have hope and want to request a hotfix for the following:

  1. Some Delhi techs have completely weird numbers in the tech tree - some of them maybe tooltip bugs, but the techs in the keep actually take LONGER to research with more scholars. Piety takes 11 minutes for Delhi but is 45 seconds for other civs. Honed blades is slowed down by 15 times but is a Castle age tech. There seems to be no consistency in the changes made in the patch.

  2. So many Abbasid exploits because of moving techs from House of Wisdom to barracks/stables.

Looking forward to a “patch” to this new “update” so I can play Delhi and Abbasids properly again.



Yeah, I definitely agree. I’m very passionate about the franchise and have been enjoying the game a lot, but until we start to see some decrease in these game breaking bugs I will probably take a little break from the game unfortunately :frowning:


I have been addicted to this game since launch, love (loved) playing the dehli, i played 10 games after patch with them lost 8, they feel completly diffrent, not even fun anymore imo. i also saw that abbasid exploit as well were they give their spearmen a million tile range, so they can snipe you from across the map lmao. wtf fix that ■■■■


I hope they fix this stuff fast! I’m a delhi main too :stuck_out_tongue: The game is great potentially but not fun right now :frowning:

Have a preview build that you can flag bugs while playing. With the playback sent to their QA with a timestamp and description.

I am pretty sure most people who are interested in AOE4 would realize by now that the recent winter update has been hell of a mess. Aside from questionable balance changes, there are so many bugs that have been introduced after the update, let alone things that have not been fixed even though the release note claimed otherwise.

So I would like to suggest devs that if they don’t have enough manpower( or experience in RTS ) to test everything out within time, it might be a good idea to release public beta branch before actually releasing the update. AOE2 did this since few months ago I believe and it did help to stem out many game breaking bugs before actual update goes on-air. There are plenty of people out there to do that job for free just out of affection to this franchise( including myself as well ), so I think it is not a bad plan to spare some time to make public beta branch before we go any further.

P.S : Didn’t know that original topic existed. My bad.

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