Medium range cavalry archers

Just thinking about army composition, lets say you have an army with a current mix of units. Cavalry archer, steppe lancer, and Hussars. You can split your army into one of three options. 40 cavalry archers, and 20 melee, 30 cavalry archers and 30 melee, and 20 cavalry archers, but 40 melee.

Now, of those three options, you get to split your melee into half. If you go 30/30 or 40/20 cavalry archer heavy, some of your cavalry archers will group up during the attack. When they clump, a few run around back and forth, not firing but getting into position to fire. Not good. But, if you go 20/40 in favor of melee, then on most targets, you get melee clumping. Also not good.

However, notice there is a band between the two groups during the engagement. A band where no cavalry archer goes cause its too close range, but a band no melee goes cause its not melee. That band is where a new unit could be placed.

This new unit would be cavalry, it would have medium range of 3-4. Perhaps it would not be affected by bracer. It would also have a dps that is identical to the cavalry archer.

New army comp would be 15/15/15/15 cavalry archer, new unit, steppe lancer, hussar (or other melee cavalry)


Play with a Berber Ally?

Genitors have same range as CA. I am thinking something with shorter range. 3-4 range instead of like… 7.

Imagine for a second if saracens got steppe lancers. The mameluke would be able to fill this medium range role almost perfectly.

Just drag click a bunch of CA and bring them closer so that the others have room to shoot?

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Here is an experiment. Go play saracen, and then try the following army comps. 5 camels, 5 mamelukes, and 5 cavalry archers. 15 mamelukes. 15 cavalry archers. 15 camels. 10 cavalry archer 5 mamelukes. etc…

You will see what I mean. On engagements, unit composition is actually kinda important. Go see which army survives longest for the gold/wood put into it.

And how are you supposed to get to that extremely specific comp in lategame?

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