Meet The Team! Matt Pritchard, Director of Engineering! - Age of Empires

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               <p>Hi again Age fans! We’ve been lucky enough to meet with some more people on the team making Age of Empires: Definitive Edition! This time it’s Matt Pritchard, he’s the Director of Engineering for the game over at Forgotten Empires! We got a chance to chat with Matt, and ask him some questions about his time working on the … Continued</p>
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I’m happy to see that some people that worked on the original game are working on this remake, I was 2 years old when I first played AoE 1, today I still enjoy it.

I also think it is awesome that Ensemble team members have come back to the series, they make quality a product.

Maybe he could elaborate on these points hehe:

“I am involved in many of the design decisions, such as what enhanced gameplay features to bring in (like Attack Move), changes to the game rules, and so on.”

Awesome. FE lead engineer even better. :#

So happy to see that members of the original team are deeply involved with the development of AoE:DE! I couldn’t be more pleased to hear that “this game is a love letter to our fans, and a tribute to the original team that created it.” As a fan with a ton of nostalgia for AoE1, this is something I’ve long wanted but honestly never expected to receive. It’s heartwarming to see the original game, which remains my favourite, being celebrated in this way and resurrected with the reverence it deserves! Kudos to all involved. I can’t wait to play it!

full build of the game took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Oh god! that must have been a nightmare if you made a typo or something didn’t worked as expected.
But glad to see how these guys inspired a whole generation into RTS gaming. Keep the great work! :smiley:

What a great interview!! I couldn’t imagine how exciting it is to go back into something that’s become so big!!

@KingDarBoja said:

full build of the game took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Oh god! that must have been a nightmare if you made a typo or something didn’t worked as expected.
But glad to see how these guys inspired a whole generation into RTS gaming. Keep the great work! :smiley:

Long build times are not uncommon for applications built in C++ (which is the language Age of Empires undoubtedly uses). It’s kind of ridiculous.

“A full build of the game took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.”

Wow… You really had to ensure you got the code right to minimize wasting time. This probably helped establish good coding practices. Nowadays we’re a tad spoiled with our quick builds. :slight_smile:

One question I would have for Matt is if he remembered the logic behind the original code for sections he wrote after 20+ years…

Overall, an excellent and very insightful interview. I am so happy to see Matt as Director of Engineering for AoE: DE!

Great interview!! Only wish It was a little longer…

interview is to short this guys my hero

he deserves a 50 questions interview.

and a new boat.

probably 2 boats if they do a nice job with pathfinding.

I am so glad they improve pathfinding. That was the single thing disturbing me in AoE II HD and is disturbing me in the starcraft remaster. Blizzard seems to not changing it.
And the new Attack Move will be a nice addition.

New pathfinding in AoE II HD would be terrific.

That last answer made me smile. We on the other end, the user, feel exactly the same about how things advanced. Everything has gone so fast… Everything.
Glad to have you on board Matt!

The one thing I would be thrilled beyond measure to see, as simple as it is, would be adding in gates for the walls. To build an effective wall system in old AoE 1 required either knocking a hole in the to let out your own army, and then have a villager to rebuild it instantly, or building convoluted “S”-shape corridors in the wall to slow down the enemy enough to get your army up there, or let your towers do some damage. As such, I never bothered with walls, even though I have a naturally defensive play style and would have several towers.
But the wall gates in AoE II were an incredible improvement, suddenly walls were useful! And there was certainly technology to build gates in walls at the time, even though historically many battles were fought between armies just outside of the city walls.
So please, PLEASE, make walls useful and use-able in this update by adding in gates for the walls!
Thanks! and kudos to you guys for reviving such a great, classic game. Along with Master of Orion and Civ II, this is the first game I ever remember playing on a computer, and I have lots of fun childhood memories of my dad teaching me how to play.

Of course I am AOE fan and news of DE has made me feel nostalgic. I am also a software developer myself and could connect to some of these points like the machine configurations and the build time. This is one of those things where you wish to have been part of. Wish I was part of this team that made DE if not the original AOE. Given a choice, hypothetically, I would liked to work on the improvements to the path finding.


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Great job Team!! You should be commended on a job very well done!!