Mega Random change/ too random/moderate the start to be more normal

As of current Mega Random is a bit too random. To keep it fond for players and in the normal starts queue I ask 4 things -

  1. Scouts remain as a normal scout/eagle warrior

  2. No more than 1 tc

  3. Villagers remain consistent+civ bonuses

  4. The map and resources generated stays Mega Random

With these changes I would unban it consistently and consider it a normal starts game-mode.

Being able to start with stuff you usually don’t get on other maps is part of the appeal of Mega random, so this isn’t really a good change.


Bro if you want that, play any map other than mega random, this is exactly what makes the map good.


I think the change in the map’s terrain is moreso the appeal - as it is currently I do not believe it belongs in ranked or at least in a separate queue / with these changes it would belong where it is now

People voted for it because they enjoy that aspect of it.
There definitely is an audience for unpredictable maps. It shouldnt be changed just because some other people dont like it. for those other people there’s always other maps in every map pool.

It can be chaotic and in the regular unranked lobby where players can enjoy it to their heart’s content - I understand it was voted for - I don’t see why it should reflect one’s elo as it stands of current

Wdym? (20characters20characters20characters20characters)

Sometimes the start is hard to manage and adjust to - the resources you can gather changing is fine, the scout changing not so much and an extra tc + another batch of vills is too much to properly micro at the start as far as a consistent build order/knowing when to go up, etc

I mean, yeah its hard and thats exactly what some people like about it. i don’t see any reason to change it in what you said.

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It’s about as hard of a start as nomad in terms of how one needs to adjust even further from a regular starts perspective/ as of current I consider both to be separate game-modes rather than different maps to enjoy

The whole point of this map is that it requires more skill to like it to adapt to each start


I like it simply for the mega random map generator / it’s fun not knowing what the map looks like / not so much the extra tc and vills and an animal scout / and it does take more skill either way / knowing what to do with the randomly generated resources is a thing and I do like that

Doing what your suggesting is taking the flavour out if the map imo

Not the map - but what you start with sure - the resources generated and the full map terrain would remain unchanged / mega random

@HealFortress i think i get what you mean now.
You mean you do enjoy not knowing what kinda map you’re on when joining, but you dont enjoy possibly having a non-standard start.
That’s like a fair opinion, however i dont think it reflects that of the majority of MR fans, not even that of people who prefer it in ranked 1v1.
You might be interested in checking out a map called [Zetnus’s HyperRandom] on the mods tab. Iirc it is pretty much exactly what you want.

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You can start off with more than 1 TC in MegaRandom?

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Yup - villagers’n all

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It is fun, I agree / it’s just too much like a separate mode than a regular consistent start

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I agree with that, MegaRandom should be a separate game-mode not a map.

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