Mehmed the Conqueror campaign "flagged by admin"


Just found out that one of my campaign mod (Mehmed the Conqueror by MLC8896) has been “flagged” for no apparent reasons.

Can I have more information about motivations?


Oh i thought you took it down for editing or something. Because I’m still crashing in the first scenario. Great campaign btw

Well it might be tied somehow, since apparently sometimes mods get flagged when they fail to upload updates successfully. Perhaps the new version wasn’t effectively uploaded and hence why you still experienced the crash. I’m not sure at this point, still no clue why it has been flagged so far.

Hopefully both issues will be fixed soon.


I see. Then I hope for the best as well. I had to skip the first scenario by using cheats. Currently at scenario 3. Amazing and cant wait to play the first one