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I’m getting a red exclamation mark on the mod browser after downloading the mod, not working (for me, no clue for anyone else).

Same here, red exclamation and all

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I’m trying to figure out the issue, guys. I’ve reuploaded the files for start. Now I’m checking the download version myself to see.

Ok yes, I have the same issue when I use the downloadable version. I’m gonna see what’s causing it and fix it.

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Guys, to me this is some kind of website issue, as it insists on creating its own subfolder that breaks the normal pathing of the files. You can temp fix the issue by just opening the directory through the mod browser in-game, and copy/paste the “Mehmed the Conqueror” folder into the “local” folder in “mods” directory. I’m continuing to check on the issue in the meantime. This is really annoying. Didn’t make that for previous mods.

If you do the temp fix: don’t forget to close and launch the game again so it can actually load the files stored in Local.

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Yeah I’ve heard that uploading from the website can be troublesome, but thanks for creating this campaign and reading here.

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Ok guys, I think I managed to workaround the issue. Should be good now, you can just update the mod and you should be able to play! Enjoy the campaign! Let me know if you manage to access it fine.

I have diffrent problem. I can play but game crashes. It’s just me or?

On which mission? In what capacity? I’ve experienced one rare crash during the early stage of the first scenario. But since it’s rare you can just save during the first 20m or restart and should be ok. let me know.

Yes the first mission, yesterday crashed after 30 min and today like after 5 min…

I’d say you got unlucky there. Have you tried loading the autosave? I really only got two crashes on the first mission in a long series of tests. The game never crashed once during any other scenario. I don’t know what’s causing it in the first mission, but using the autosave should be good. Let me know if that works.

I get a similar crash in the first mission. It (so far) only happens when I attack the closest village nearest to my camp and the enemy walls. I’ve had this twice in both playthroughs so I assume it must be linked and has something to do with that village as whenever I attacked the others, the mission played normally.

If this cannot be fixed, I’ll try ignoring that particular village as I prefer to do these missions in one playthrough. (That and saving and re-loading a custom campaign tends to void the medal and requires you to do it again if you quit or crash during gameplay)

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Thanks for pointing me at that village. I’m gonna double check things over here trigger-wise. Keeping you all posted.

I runned some tests, deleted a house that was over that one trade workshop that might somehow interfere with related triggers. I’ve tested two times and didn’t experience any crash there. I’m gonna update with that change, see how it goes.

EDIT: First scenario is now updated. Let me know if you still experience the issue.