Mehmed The Conqueror

is still crash at the beginning of the scenario when the time is over more or less, and when i restart the mod isn’t downloaded and i have to subscribe again.

Well this is a bummer. I will completely rework this part of the scenario trigger-wise. I really can’t figure out what’s causing this. All other scenarios work just fine. Thanks anyway for reporting the issues, hopefully it will be solved by tomorrow. Cheers!

I retested the current version of the scenario today, and everything worked fine, no crash on my end, no bugs. I went trough all triggers and can’t see anything else. If you still encounter the same bug and can pick up a certain trigger, feel free to point it out. I hope you can progress in the campaign.

sorry for question may be it’s me but…do you have any suggestion for complete the first mission? It’s quite hard for the few amount of gold in the map…suggestion?

Hey, the key is being agressive enough early on to secure those gold piles you spotted during the raiding phase. With the start units (janissaries, sipahis and cannons, the rest of the akinci, you can take out all Karaman’s outter defenses right off the bat.
Royal Janissaries and Sipahis are incredibly strong units, if you manage them correctly, they’ll last till the end of the scenario and take care of most situations too.
Also if you take care to destroy the towncenters outside of their walls and kill villagers during the raid, the enemy should be significantly weaker.
With Turks you always have options too, if you’re more a boomer style player, you can always creep forward using bombard towers, or spam hussars.
So yeah, I’d say surge forward to get the gold access you need, then build fortifications if you feel you need them. Push using the cannons, trebs or rams. Janissaries and hussars is the best combo for non-siege units.

Hey man, it took me 3 days to beat the campaign. It was draining, especially with gold being so scarce on some maps.

Quick question, what’s the music you used for the ending cutscene? It’s exactly like Marco Polo by Loreena McKennitt.

The music piece is from Farya Faraji “The Seldjuks”.

Well I don’t like campaign gameplay that just hands over tons of minable gold to the player as it renders everything too easy and streamline the gameplay like “boom into steamroll everything”. I like to force the player to make strategic choices, scout the map for resources and make plans according to what’s available, and where it is located. If you try to simply boom in most of my scenarios, you will indeed get punished for it.
If you’re too accustomed to these translated Chinese campaigns who are basically always boom & steamroll designs, with basically infinite gold for the player on the map, then yeah it can be challenging to switch back to a more traditional campaign design.
Finally, I don’t want to allow players to just pump out the best gold units he can and just send them continuously to a rally point into the enemy base, not taking care of them. I want to force the player to pay attention to his gold units and actually manage them, rather than infinite spam techniques.

You have to make strategic calls early on to secure the resources you need. In most scenarios of this campaign, I ended with tons of banked gold regardless to be honest. Especially in scenario 5 (gold is everywhere on the map) and 6 (not much gold on map but 300 pop cap and optimized trade routes). In the last scenario, you can make 50+ trade cogs or carts and send them to either Albanian nobles (blue) or Naples (purple) if you manage to ally them, and profit from the Spanish trade bonus on top.
So to summarize my point,I think that the gameplay shouldn’t bend to the player’s playstyle, but that the player should adapt to the scenario’s game challenges.
Now I don’t know how you typically play in campaigns, so I can’t say much about your personal experience. I hope you had fun anyway! Cheers!

One of the best campaigns ever to be published for this game, and I’ve played a ton of custom campaigns… For the first time I feel like I’m really besieging Constantinople.

If I may give one remark: I find the difficulty a bit too challenging, even on standard difficulty. Could you lower the sally outs a bit in level 2? Italians didn’t have infinite numbers in 1453 :stuck_out_tongue:

Talking about difficulty: I cant defend the Ottoman camp against Vlad… too many waves.

Hey, thanks a lot for the kind appreciation, means a lot to me!

I will make a walkthrough video about the 2nd scenario, because in truth it isn’t as difficult as people think, you can actually really relax if you make the right calls (but it’s easier for me since I’m the creator I suppose).

I will consider lowering attacks / difficulty levels once I get enough feedback, see playthroughs and so on, so the changes can be spot on and not cause issues on the other end.

Against Vlad, if you manage to not lose any Janissary and just a couple of Sipahis during the first assaults, you can normally pretty much leave half of the janissaries at one entrance, the other half at the bottom entrance, and they will almost automatically shot down any incoming enemies before they can even reach them. Use imams to heal. Send the Sipahis if enemies are about to come into contact. The key to not lose any unit is to use the palisades as choke points (you have to destroy the rams before they damage them though). Hope it helps, I will maybe do a video on this one as well.

Thanks for the help.
I find all your campaigns quite challenging :wink:

If you have a Youtube link, I’ll check your videos.

Also very much looking forward to future work ! I noticed Forgotten Empires Studios is hiring a level designer (hint)

@neilios9999 “How is this different from the other one with the same name ?”

You can use this thread to discuss things or ask questions, since I can’t answer/reply to posts in ratings.

To answer: it is a lot different, different battles, different campaigns, different approach and different designs. I have no relation to any other campaign going by the same name.