Mehmed The Conqueror

Hello, still crashing on first scenario. I unsubbed and subbed back again to make sure because im not sure how the update works. But after that and i tested still crashing.

If it helps

  1. I used auto scouts in the first area
  2. Didnt use auto scouts but crashed when encountering the first nomad tribe near starting position, and after finding transport ships

I am still facing the crash issue testing the same condition above. Can anyone confirm this with the new update or is this just me?

@JRichter You simply flare (signal arrow) game mechanic on the mine entrance you want to detonate, just follow the written instructions and it will trigger. Cheers.

Not tried to re-upload any new version since the mod has been unflagged, so not sure. But I should do it this week end after I have the time to check things further up.