MEHTER for "AOE 2"

As in aoe4, the mehter unit should be added to the Turks in aoe2.By copying the same features from ao4, it can be added to the Turks as a unique unit.

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Mehter is a very entertaining unit, and I think it would make everyone very happy to have it in age of empires 2.

I think the Turks are powerless at the post imperial age. No pikeman, no elite skirmishers. How can Mayans be stronger than Turks, is ridiculous.The pikeman and skirmishers can be strengthened with the “mehter” unit, thereby removing the imbalance between them and other races.

The Mehter is a unique horseback war drummer unit that provides an aura buff to units around it. This buff can be Attack Speed, Melee Armor, or Ranged Armor. While only one buff may be applied at a time, it’s possible to switch between them after a short cooldown.

Turks need cheap soldiers in the imperial era. Once the gold is gone, you cannot recover yourself again.

Maybe because their gold options are strong?
And Turks don’t need more buffs now, first they need nerfs for arena where they are broken here.

And lastly, such unit can’t be implemented because auras don’t work in Aoe 2.


Then why are Turks less selected in tournaments? How can the deficiencies be eliminated in the post-imperial time? Can there be such a gold-dependent race? aura can be added in some way. Healing soldiers like Monks or reducing incoming damage is also enough for mehter.

I think you need to spam more. It makes you more right

10+ posts over the course of a few minutes in multi threads isn’t good enough. You should add more


sorry if I disrupted you. but I have been writing about this subject for years, it came to my mind again and there has been no change for years.

Maybe it’s time to stop repeating it year after year?

is this a repeat? I just said that it would be very enjoyable if the mehter, which came to the new game, came to the aoe2.

Turks are a very fun civilization. That’s the core goal of the design team. Their winrates range from generally average on open maps to exceptional on closed maps. I wouldn’t necessarily mind a Turkish buff, but players ask for buffs far more often than they ask for nerfs. If the developers listened to every thread like this, the game would get power crept and the strongest civs would be whomever had fans on the forums plead last.

The community doesn’t generally agree with you. Sorry.

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AoE2 turks are fine as it is.we dont need any changes from aoe4 ported here.

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I agree mehter would be complicated, but I think steppe lancers should be awailable for Turks cuz they came from steppes and Ottomans captured most of balkans with that kind of horsemen. Giving some more option doesnt mean buff or nerf. Most of the civs have more than one unique unit which gives them flexibilty.

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the game already has this effect for buildings only, they only need to extend to units as well.

Steppe Lancers should be available to Hindustanis as well.

Hindustani def don’t need more cavalry options, after nerfs they are fine.

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Neither do Turks need more cavalry options.