Mehter + Sipahi attack speed bug

Sipahi = attack speed 1.75
Sipahi + Mehter War Drum = attack speed 1.46
Sipahi + Fortitude = attack speed = 0.94
Sipahi + Fortitude + Mehter War Drum = attack speed 1.46

It seems like a bug to me. If it is intentional, it is very counter intuitive.

I noticed this in a recent game too but it was all units getting reduced attack speed by around 15% when within the Mehter aura for attack speed buff. I could check other replays for the same thing. Is it possible it’s just a number display issue?

if that bug happens with the siege crew too its a big problem
i tested it and its work fine with siege crews :+1:

Should be a fix coming for this one—thanks @MockHamill!