Meinwerk Palace landmark error - researching only 30% faster instead of 40% (Season Four update 6.0.878)

With Season Two Update 17718, the Meinwerk Palace was set to reduce technology COST by 40%, and also increase research SPEED by 40% (which matches the current in-game description in update 6.0.878). However, it is currently only increasing research SPEED by 30%.

For example, the default research time for the Bloomery technology at a regular Blacksmith is 60 seconds, and at the Meinwerk Palace, it is 42 seconds. At a 40% research speed increase, the reseach time should be 36 seconds (60*0.6 = 36).

All technologies available at the landmark have the same error only receiving a 30% SPEED increase instead of the intended 40%. However, note that the 40% reduction in COST is working as intended.

Also, the new Steel Barding technology (update 6.0.878) has a 64 second research time. I don’t know if this is intentional or if it’s supposed to have a 36 second research time just like ever other technology at the building (including the newly added Riveted Chain Mail technology; accounting for the corrent 40% reduction in research speed).

When using the Meinwerk Palace to get all the upgrades as quickly as possible for a timing push, this 30% vs 40% buff can really make a difference. There has been many attempts to buff the Meinwerk Palace to make it a more competitive option to the Aachen Chapel (including with the new techs in update 6.0.878), however, this error is preventing the landmark from being used as intended.


Thank you for reporting @bacterBoy! The team is on it!

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