Melee Hitbox

We all know it. 40 guys watching their 10 friends attacking the enemy, waiting to be slaughtered by 50 simultaneously attacking xbows, stacked ontop of eachother.

Make the hitbox of melees adjust during fighting in some way, enabling infantry and cavalry to actually slaughter the leather armor wearing xbows, instead of getting slaughtered by them once they have a certain amount. Yes this will completely change the meta in regards of melee units, but it would be something akin to the mangonel delete fix - it would make sense to have it work this way, as well as making army compositions much more diverse. Right now the most effective use of melee units is anything where they aren’t stacked upon eachother (besides using that exact stacking to defend siege for example, but even that is sorta useless cause my 30 halbs dont actually get to attack the cavalry cuz they are blocked by eachother.

Would also be amazing as right now the melee pathing is ■■■■■■ anyways


Caution radical idea ahead.

Give all ranged units minimal range.

Good idea. Also make arrow unable to dodge just like AOE4

lots of 900 elo warriors here.

Crossbow needs a nerf but not a huge one, upgrade cost and/or cost of Bodkin would suffice.

Knights already counter Xbow in Imperial age and in mid-Castle age, overall Knights are the stronger unit, just Crossbows have bigger powerspikes and moments in the game where they are strong.

You also can always run away with Knights but you can’t run away with Crossbows if you marched out early or took a bad fight, overall Knights are also the easier-to-use unit.

Crossbow is also a not very pop-efficient unit, while Knights are, let’s say you are Ethiopians, if you didn’t win the game in first 50 min vs a cav civ or gained an overwhelming advantage, you generally always lose.


It’s always weird to see people complaining about xbows from elos where knight plays completely dominate 11

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Exactly what I thought. Knight too OP? better nerf xbows. Gurjaras too OP? better nerf xboxs

I’m 1200 which isn’t too high. both knights and xbow are fairly relevant.