Melee units pathing are STILL not fixed

They still stop chasing, even when you’ve clicked the enemy who is close by and clearly still in their line of sight. It’s so infuriating.


Didnt they have a fix in SP to test it out? If it works fine in SP, then i expect it to be part of the next patch for MP as well.

I havent tried the SP pathing. So if dont know if it works.

The devs have reworked the pathing legacy code in the September patch, so far only in SP for testing.
Depending on the feedback, this patch will definitely be added in October or November.

To be fair, the pathing in SP right now is kinda ok, definitely not perfect. But the target acquirement is currently aweful, in my opinion.

When are they going to fix the units not moving bug. Several times a game I have units that stand still in a group unless I individually task them to move.

They also need to up the limit of units you can select all at once. I want to select all my units and send them to the battlefield, not just 60x or whatever the current limit is. There should be no maximum. So if I want to make 200 Karambits, I shouldn’t have to select them in groups of 60. “Select All” should mean exactly that.


this is such an edge case scenario that it will probably be extremely low in the priorities. usually you make control groups of different unit types and want to be able to micro a bit

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I agree. But as a workaround you can use select all idle military a few times.