Memonsoun here, expert Rise of Rome player. Would anyone been interested in seeing POV RM an DM vids

Some of these videos can give insight to how the top level players play in multiplayer games. I will begin commentating games to show what I am thinking during gameplay. If anyone is interested I can also post my twitch and Youtube channels. These videos can either be for the enjoyment of others to watch or to show different strategies to help other players improve.

I’ve been told to go ahead and post them so: (normally stream around 7pmGMT)

I can vouch for his pwn abilities. Very stronk guy. I recommend checking his content out.

Nice to see there are players streaming RoR (with a mic too). Memo is a strong player and I highly suggest checking out his content if you have the time.

Here is a recent video I recommend watching:

Eh, late comment, but I was wondering why I can’t watch your videos on Twitch afterwards. o:) I never have the chance to watch the stream.
I mean if it’s RM.

He uploads videos to his youtube channel