Memory Leak in the main menu?

I was fooling around changing my sigil around-- then I was fooling around looking over the masteries-- Then I was fooling around looking at some of my friend’s stats and whatnot-- Progressively the Main menu became laggier and laggier until it was unusable.

I have Steam Overlay on-- I’m going to turn that off in a bit-- first I am going to monitor the memory the game uses up.

Ill update this, if I get any more information.


With steam overlay turned off it is 100 percent snappier.

I should have done that first. But I messed around in the main menu watching the memory values-- and nothing really changed.

Something about steam overlay and this game-- they don’t get along.

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For me turning off steam overlay don’t help much, but turning off nvidia overlay helped a lot…

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Ohhh-- I Didn’t even think about the Nvidia Overlay.

I’ve got a very similar issue
with a crossfire ×2 Amd RX590
When I go on observe multiplayer game list,
Gpu usage is going down twice.
and all menu has slowed display.
nevermind any overlay is turn on or off.
I think an update of this game or/and newly display driver release are needed.

I didn’t think people still ran GPUs in SLI or crossfire for gaming anymore since 2013.

Have you tried only using one GPU?

I solved the issue temporary myself.
After I clicked on observe game list , I wait ~5 sec,
then I click on custom multiplayer list,
game menu are back on a smooth display.
Morever, you are right, running ×2 gpu for gaming is in fact a (marketing) joke I will never do it again.
But a second graphic card is useful if you want encode a game in purpose to send it on a streaming platform.

EDIT: This issue came back again, happens when I click on masteries, whatever to try my tweak I described above. :unamused:

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Thanks, all! We’re aware of the bug with the Masteries menu and working on it.


Thanks for the communication, homie.

@SavageEmpire566 Thank you for letting us know as I also experience this. Is it possible for yall to implement a way to check or see our masteries while actually playing? Sometimes I forget what the goal I was chasing was!

That is a suggestion I read on the discussion forums-- As it is right now, I have it pulled up on another monitor-- I get forgetful in-game and I am like… what am I supposed to be doing again?

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I do what I can :smiley:

Agreed this should be a thing. Feedback captured! (And yes, I only capture the feedback of things I agree with…joking!)