Memory leak still not fixed

All threads I can find are over 2 years old. I cant be the only one with this issue: after 4-5 games in a row the game starts to stutter and freeze (full lag for a second or 2, then game quickly catches up). Literally unplayable. After restarting the game it works fine again for 4-5 games. When will this be fixed already? This has been there since day 1.


I’ve only got a little experience with programming, but I suspect the answer is: because they can’t find it. Finding memory leaks is a real beast because you’re assuming the programming is handling the memory properly. How that’s done exactly varies from OS to OS. So, you not only have to know your code and coding language, as well as some of the details behind how the methods work, you also need some knowledge about how the compiler is translating that to machine language. At least, that’s my understanding of it having taken a few courses and dabbled over the years.

If you can give them more information about when it happens, it can help narrow the search. I’d talk to the Support Team, since it’s beyond my expertise to even suggest what they’d want to know.


Same problem. I often play in multiplayer with friends and it’s always from the 2nd game that the lag appears. For me and one of the friends (not all of them), at the same time, only in multiplayer.

I don’t know how to help the dev team to detect this. I’m afraid that a game record doesn’t help much (because they are played with a different state of a different OS).

Maybe a video stream of the game will help more. :thinking:

I think its safe to say it wont be fixed after all this time. I hope I am wrong though.

The game is most likely written in C++ (with maybe some .net components for menus and stuff), which means memory management is deterministic for the most part and it is handled by the developer, not the OS.

However, this doesn’t necessarily make it easier to find.