Memory Leak

Hey devs, thanks for the support and all this lovely new whole world you guys made for AOE2. I’ve been playing this for like 15 years or maybe more, and I’ll really cheer for any stuff you bring out, and I have some stuff I’d like to tell you guys about DE:

I love the new graphics and the new civs/techs, it still need some balancing though, but we know that only comes as the game is played.

The new UI is AMAZING and you guys keep doing a great job bringing updates. (I just miss the old shields start screen by the way).

The AI is smarter now and that’s pretty good, I love it, of course it still needs some improvement as may people stated before.

But you guys know what the main problem is?


I just installed the game in my dual boot machine at Win10 (despite I prefer linux most), and the game would just take like 5 mins to load a ■■■■ scenario! Or worse, some random crashes would happen too, I could see that my memory was always in full use and my ■■■■■■■ swap file (which was set to Win10 decide its size) reached like 10 GB… That’s pretty ridiculous… We with average machines just can’t play the game properly… Please devs, help us enjoy the full experience you guys are bringing to us!

That’s all I can say for now,
best regards,
Joseph Joestar (aka BrightFox00/AqCamus/Darrian Tabris)

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Hello, welcome here. It’s a known problem and I guess that you don’t run it on a SSD either. Loading time can be insane on HDD. Next week they will release a new update that addresses as much as possible issues.

Hello AqCamus00 & PCS70,

Has the recent patch helped you in that regard?


Hi Chesqin still waiting for it to download, I’ll report back as soon as it’'s done

Unfortunately, still being unable to play, but things got better though, the swap file usage and memory went down a bit