Memory Related Crash

I was playing a multiplayer game and midway through the game I crashed with the error message, “The instruction at 0x00007ff blah blah blah . The memory could not be written.” What is the solution to this? I have 8GB and I was only using 55% of my virtual memory (10+ GB).

Try more RAM if you can afford it. I had this issue and others before updating to 16GB of RAM. Even thou the minimum is 8GB however, it doesn’t run that smooth on such…

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it is related to low size of virtual memory. increase your virtual memory to 20GB +

i have 32 gb ram, same problem, i increased my virtual memory to 30000 mbs to see if this solves problem

This game takes up more memory than Flight Simulator 2020…my goodness. Do you know why it would crash if it hadn’t used 100% of the VM yet (55% max)?

It is really strange that the game previously allocates 20gbs in virtual memory. and we can’t configure anything about it.

even with 30000 mbs virtual memory, it doesnt solve the problem. It only increases security problems i think

if you have more than one virtual memory file, the same problem also occurs.