Menu fps drop over time

AoE4, same like CoH2, has absolute performancetanking when it comes to the menu in a long session.

After every single game I personally can notice how the FPS drop and drop in menu animations, to a point in which it’s just a slideshow after 5-6 games/profile checks.

You can replace the webms for the background, similar to CoH2, but in this game it DOES NOT FIX THE ISSUE.

Go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV\cardinal\movies\source\fe\backgrounds

Create a new file and move the .webm’s into it.
Your menu background is now dark but the issue is fixed.

For those that like to mod around, you can enter your own webm’s as backgrounds as long as name and probably resolution of those match the originals.

Hope they fix the issue with the menu FPS drops.
Best regards.


Edited the topic, changing out the webm’s doesn’t work!
The menu itself is just stuttery af over time for whatever reason.

So I could have a picture of my daughters in a photoshopped picture standing in front of a burning house as my main menu in AoE4?


not sure what causes this but i’ve experienced it once or twice.

I experience the same issue very often, especially when a skirmish or campaign game ends.

The cause is simple it is the mastery page it is a memory leak

Not a memory leak but masteries are definitely the cause for it you’re right.

Yeah it isn’t a memory leak, I sat and looked at my system memory for like 45 minutes reading over the masteries.

The problem mostly subsided when I turned off steam overlay and Nvidia overlay.

But it still happens if I linger too long.

I have just made all the masteries on a spread sheet and check them off.

Thanks, all! We are aware of an issue with Masteries causing a performance hit. We’re looking into it!