[MERGED] Game Graphics Feedback

I daresay it is better to let your voice be heard too early than too late. I don’t share the criticism of the graphics, but now would be the time to speak up.

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What do you think about graphics and gameplay
  • A)I liked graphics and gameplay.HYPED
  • B)I didn’t like graphics but excited for gameplay.
  • C)i didn’t like anything i see

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Where is my tank? Where is my bomber? Why is the game back to the Middle Ages?!
I waited so long…


ehh… because there is no empires anymore?


Very few people actually want a modern warfare AOE. Middle Age is the perfect timeline.


The game looks awesome. I also really like that they go for fewer (8) civs with more distinct differences. What is the points of having 30+ civs if most of them play the same.

I am primarily a SC2 player but I played 20.000+ AOE2 games on the Zone 20 years ago. I think AOE2 is better than AOE3 and think AO4 will be a superior game to AOE2.

If it is good enough to replace SC2 as the best RTS I am not sure, but I hope.

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When i see some zoomed out normal gameplay shots, the game actually looks good.


Tank? Really? come on only 10% of the people wanted modern age at the big poll they made


I am with you heard. Distinct civs is a huge improvement in my opinion. I hope they take balance really seriously, but with well thought out changes instead of knee jerk reactions.


The art style looks like something made for 10 year old children, complete trash.

I didn’t expect more from Relic since they never made a decent game but holy crap.


Well, yes, a huge number of different Dawn of War, two parts of Company of Heroes, two Homeworld and that’s not counting any additions. Really not a single decent game. (Sarcasm)

i love middle ages swords arrows rams onger trebuchet cavalary charging just awesome

The game as it is un current state looks like it could be Age of Empires Online 2.

  • Oversized cartoon-like weapons
  • Colorful units and buildings with terrible contrast
  • Trees look like they are from a 2001 game
  • Projectiles behave very weird and are oversized and bad color choice
  • There are more colors than actual units
  • Overall very bright and cartoony and cheap plastic looking

Comapring aoe4 to other modern games you can clearly see the developers didnt put any effort whatsoever into it
Its very sad. A tragedy.


What I’m excited about is the potential for modding support/custom campaign ports.

My preference is that I am not a fan of the AOEIII overview camera style that they’re going for. I mean the trailer showed in AOEIV when it was teased, there’d be rumours of Ancient to Imperial age. Instead, it seems like we’ve got the same game all over again - More civs, which is cool, but the same factions. Instead I was expecting like Total War style - as in a first person camera mode to really witness the battles and buildings or something like that.

Otherwise, it looks great! :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to play this game and try it out

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Z tier games, aoe4 is going to flop hard despite the 9/10 ing review its gonna get

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Graphics is fine, I can easily identify my units from the enemy. I know many people say it is cartoonish etc but the main reason is to be able to identify units with ease. That is why it is very saturated. However, I do believe they can improve the graphics and make it a little bit desaturated so AOE 2 fans could enjoy the game too :slight_smile:


If they fix cartoony animations, blurry grass, reduce lightning effects and make weapons more realistic, graphics would be okay for me. Basic graphics style is good, but they chose the wrong direction.
Atm it looks like a mixture of an improved Aoe3 DE & Aoe2 DE + Aoe Online in pre Alpha stage.
Also I’m not sure about documentary campaigns, thinks normal medieval cinematic would be better.

There’s need of more detail to fix this blurry-like and very unappealing look even on buildings.

It looks too flat.

Just check the vast difference between this and the first gameplay trailer. What is this? How is that even possible? They purposively showed something too good to be true in the first one or what!
With their new trailer they do harm to the image of this game

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Empires ended after World War 1, War War 1 killed the last of the Empires. A World War 1 AOE makes perfect sense.

i think game is still detailed